I m not sure if the latest drupal version is all i need to install.

Things I m considering here are as below
1) Module support
2) Stability
3) Ease of use

I have moved from joomla ..With joomla people normally go for 2.5 stable version as it has wide range of templates plugins available.. Not sure if same thing goes with Drupal too.

First post... Excuse me .. :)


Hi Priya,

Welcome to Drupal! You will definitely want to use the latest release of version 7. Drupal v 8 is nearing it's development completion, but it will still be several months until it is released (yay!).

The current recommended release is Drupal 7.23.

For now, D7 will give you the most stable, secure functionality and module/community support. D6 is slowly becoming obsolete.

Best of luck with your Drupal development!



and welcome to Drupal. I am pretty sure you will find what you are looking for with Drupal. I would recommend you using Drupal 7 as it is more dynamically developed and more updates and bug fixes are released frequently. Even though modules for both versions 6 and 7 are developed, Drupal 7 is the preferable choice. As you may see in the project track:


Due to work on getting Date into Drupal 8 core, the D6 version is currently being minimally maintained. The maintainers will not actively work on features or bugs, but will check any issues that make it to RTBC status and apply the associated patches when appropriate

If you are starting your project just now, you will definitely want to go with Drupal 7.

You can search for Drupal modules in this page:


You can find some useful Drupal tutorials here:


I hope the provided information helped you decide with which Drupal version you will go.

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