I was asked to convert a website to Drupal, the website is basically only HTML which I will make from scratch as alot of the content is outdated, but a very important element is not so easy to convert, and I am an absolute beginner when it comes to Drupal (advanced in HTML, PHP and SQL).

The website is: http://www.siedlungsunion.at
and the part that gives me a headache is http://www.siedlungsunion.at/wohnen?ads=1&freiflaechen=egal

It's in german, but its basically a database with entries for different appartments and parking spots.
I dont need the map part on the lower left side, but the database with the different search criterias need to be there. In addition whenever new appartments or parking spots become available someone other than myself has to edit the entries.

Is there a module for such things? Or a search function only for certain parts of the website with different dropdowns?

Thank you in advance!


You might need to do some custom code and/or styling to get the exact same result, but for the most part you can get most of the functionality with the views module using 'exposed filters' (for an idea of how it works just visit the advanced search of any module's project page).

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