The content translation form now includes duplicate labels for some of the items listed. But not all of them:


Entity types are lowercase, so even looks uglier. However, none of these extra labels are needed at all. The markup / table render contains all sufficient labels in the next column of the table and that is properly cross references with <label for=""></label> tags. Also those labels are accessible including the full hierarchy of items like so:

<label for="edit-settings-node-article-columns-field-image-file"><span class="visually-hidden">Article</span> <span class="visually-hidden">Image</span> File</label>

Proposed resolution

So the "randomly" displayed labels right next to checkboxes are absolutely superfluous and should go away as they were before. The original version of the form did not include these and the appearance of them is a regression. Resulting table:


Remaining tasks

Review, commit :)

User interface changes

Clean translation configuration table.

API changes


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Also an accessibility problem that the extra labels lack crucial information about the structure of the form that are otherwise included with the labels later on. With having two labels marked up for the same checkboxes, it is up to browsers to pick and picking the extra ones reduces accessibility a great deal. :/

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I tried this out on
works great.

+1 for the RTBC.

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extra-random-labels.patch queued for re-testing.

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Uhm, wow, that's pretty awful! Glad the fix is so easy. :)

Committed and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

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Yay, thanks!

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