For a client I have to build a 'Product Documents' block in a page/node.

A logged in user should enter a product-number in a (search)-filter-form, and on submit the matching documents should show up.

  • Products
    • Number
    • Pdf Document(s)

I accomplished this function with the field collection module

  • a Content Type: Products
  • a View with 2 field collection items: Number (unique) and Documents (a file upload field)
  • a Views Exposed Filter
  • a Views Relationship to the field_collection

Everything works well: I enter a product-number in the filter field, and on submit the matching document(s) show up.

Now: the client wants to import a CVS-file with all the fields in it.

it seems that the Feeds Module is what I want.

Since there a multiple Field Collections in de Content Type I also use the Field Collection Feeds Module.

The thing is, there are approximate 5.000 products and each product contains approximate 5 Pdf-ducuments, which is a LARGE amount....!

Also: the Pdf-documents are on a different (own) server than the website is hosted on.

My question: Is this the right way to accomplish such a large Products with Documents page/node (with Feeds Module) and is it possible to link the CSV-import file to the matching pdf-documents in the field collection? It is unworkable to upload all the documents manually...
And should all the fields of all the products (5.000) + documents (5.000 +) be in one node?

I am absolutely not sure if this route is the right one to do this.

Any help is very much appreciated.