Can anyone help me? I would like to be able to have the menu system not only link to other pages in my site and website but also open a folder location
so if they choose subject areas - English - Movies

it pops up with the shared network folder movies

It doesn't allow you to do this? I tried the code file:// instead of http://

has anyone got any ideas how I can achieve this for our intranet site?


If it's within the webroot, you can link to it. If it's outside the webroot, you cannot link to it. Your shared network is outside your webroot, and therefore network locations will not be accessible through the same domain as is being used to access Drupal (ie - http://localhost/network_folder or

However, if Drupal is on a computer on your local system (ie, an intranet), then you can *maybe* create a symlink from a folder within your webroot to the folder on the local network. Then when accessing the page, you would get the listing of files in that folder, and Drupal would not be served.

Edit: Sorry, I just realized I misread the original post. What is the problem you are facing - is Drupal not letting you save the path file:// ? Or is the path incorrect?

By the way, it's file:/// with three forward slashes.

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