So i got my domain name , and hosting services . i have uploaded the WHOLE Acquia-drupal folder using filezilla into the filemanager of my hosting company . the folder was 44 MB was that a lot ? or few ? i dont know

now what ? i cant get into my website . now in Filemanager there these folders


and this file


What im i going to do now so my website is visible ?


Have you navigated to [your_domain]/acquia-drupal?

Thanks for the reply .

What do you mean by that ? my websites name is , right now if you go on that link its just a blank page. How do i do what you said ?

i have just tried and now its not a blank page but i get this error messages
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The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
Error message

PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2003] Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (13) in db_table_exists() (line 2761 of /hermes/bosoraweb078/b1651/ipg.konefstacom/acquia-drupal/includes/database/

Any ideas ?

did you have acquia drupal distribution installed on your localmachine first?

if you expect the site to show at, you will need to put the files/folders in your root. as it stands they are in the acquia-drupal subdirectory.

ohh i will try that later and will write back thank you !!

if acquia-drupal wasn't installed on your local machine first , it doesn't need to be but if it was you need to alter settings.php to connect to the host database.

i am really desperate here , i moved all files inside of acquia-drupal directory to the root directory , still nothing . how do i alter the settings.php ?

before you are sent off on a goose chase, could you please answer the question posed. Was the acquia drupal distro installed at any point in the past? ie: are you moving an already installed drupal instance?

i downloaded the acquia dev desktop , and throught that program i made my drupal website on localhost8082 . i have finished my website and i want to host it . i bought hosting plan , and domain name . i exported my website from acquia dev desktop control panel , and i uploaded it to the hosting company throught filezilla ftp .

sites/default there is a settings.php file which is use to connect to your database.

you must edit settings.php $db_url to point to the new database on the new server. I assume you've already exported your development database and imported it into a new database on the new server. If not you will need to do that otherwise your website will not work.

when i used export from acquia dev desktop control panel , it has only 2 options , export to acquia cloud and export to file . i had used export to file . and so i had a .tar file , i unzipped that file and i have 3 files . i have the acquia-drupal file that i uploaded , i have acquia_drupal.sql file that i imported on a new database i created on the hosting company ( successfully as it said ) and manifesto file .

thats it . i still dont understand how to edit that settings.php if you can help me step by step i would appreciate it

i went to the setting.php and i found this

// Please don't edit anything between <@@ADCP_CONF@@> tags //
// This section is autogenerated by Acquia Dev Desktop Control Panel //
$base_url = 'http://localhost:8082';

//D6 DB config
$db_url = 'mysqli://drupaluser@';

//D7 DB config
$databases = array('default' => array('default' => array(
'driver' => 'mysql',
'database' => 'acquia_drupal',
'username' => 'drupaluser',
'password' => '',
'host' => '',
'port' => 33066 )));

comment out $base_url
database - must be the name of the new database on the new server
username - must be the new user for the new database on the new server
password - must be the new password for the new user for the new database on the new server
host - must be the new location of the new database on the new server
port - should be blank unless otherwise instructed by your host

if necessary install a new drupal instance and inspect the new settings.php file for proper syntax

what about
$db_url = 'mysqli://drupaluser@';
do i change the acquia_drupal to my new database name too ?

How can i find the host name of my new server ? will it be an ip or something ? or is it my domain name ?

or is it the servername that is ??

I don't know why you have both D6 and D7 DB connections. You've tagged this thread with 7.x.

often the DB location is localhost. You should ask your host.

well those databases were downloaded when i had downloaded acquia dev desktop . i wanted only Drupal 7 .

ok then i will ask my host about that . thank you very much .

they have resolved my problem and now my website homepage is visible .
But any other page i get the 404 error page not found and they told me that i have to check that i have created those pages properly .

Now my question is how am i going to edit my website now ? before i was working with Acquia dev desktop on localhost and i was logging in from my website and i was working there . now where can i edit my website ? same way ?

My website is up and running . iPage support resolved all my problems , i rate their support 10/10 so far .

Thank you VM for helping me too .