Last updated October 31, 2013.

Aim: The Small Drupal initiative aims to ensure that Drupal remains accessible to small organizations in version 8 and beyond.


Drupal 8 includes major architectural changes that are designed to meet the needs of enterprise-level adopters. While some of the changes may be beneficial to smaller organizations, others may present significant barriers.

The Backdrop project has spurred important and overdue discussion about the implications of Drupal 8 for smaller organizations. While Backdrop may address some of the need, there's a lot more that can be done in Drupal itself as well.

Small organizations have been a critical base for Drupal. The CivicSpace Drupal distribution - designed for small and medium sized activist groups - fed many early improvements into Drupal core, including the core installer. Many key Drupal contributors began small. For example, Drupal 8 core maintainer Nathaniel Catchpole (catch) came to Drupal through work for a local labour organization.

Initiative components

  1. Define target user profile. What are small organizations and what are their typical resources and requirements vis-a-vis website technology?
  2. Analyze Drupal 8. With small Drupal requirements clarified, how does Drupal 8 measure up? What areas will present particular challenges or barriers?
  3. Action for access. What concrete actions can address the identified barriers? What can we do now - ahead of Drupal 8's release - to ensure that small sites and organizations aren't left behind?


Great initiative - It's important we pay attention to this segment.

I'm also concerned that the "enterprise" messaging could be turning away the small base.

Donna Benjamin
Director, Drupal Association Board
Executive Director,

Yes, we are a two-people website setup service provider. And the red tape to set up a useful Drupal IDE on a windows computer doesn't get any easier introducing Symfony2. My exit strategy: Wordpress (Query Wrangler plugin!) or Backdrop. I loved Drupal and its community but I don't care about catering for the Forbes 500 companies, I care for small businesses and an accessible code. Sometimes I get the feeling that the high-ranking Drupal managers lost the perspective of being utterly dependent on the next project as we freelancing coders are.

Best luck to Backdrop.