Hello and thank you so much for this wonderful piece of engineering, a major part of the deployment machinery for our Drupal stack.

I'm struggling with the following.
We have inherited a site with ten or so features (as in feature modules) already in place and working beautifully.

One of the existing features was captures the configuration settings, blocks, Views and all the rest of it around a set of public commenting functions.

We have recently installed and configured on our test system additional commenting functions based on the Comment Notify module and are ready to "featurise" these.
Logically these db configurations belong in the Comment feature previously created.

So the question is: can we easily do this by ADDING COMPONENTS to the existing Comment feature? Or do we need to create a separate Comment#2 feature for this?

If the latter is the case, would it be feasible (and easy) to MERGE two features into a single feature? Or all feature modules into a single one?

Any hints much appreciated!


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Oops.... didn't look very closely did I?
Just realised you can just hit the "Recreate" link or tab, open the fieldsets and check the tickboxes.
Sorry about the noise, but then I may not be the only one that has this newbie foible.

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Add question about merging features.