I am in the process of setting up Drupal subdirectory multisite by following the instructions here which so far has gone reasonably OK. However, I cannot seem to edit any views on the subdirectory subsite; I just get a "Page not found" error.

Here is the current setup:
- Main site is: http://lingopolo.com/
- Sub-site is: http://lingopolo.com/dutch

The sub-site uses the same core code as the main site, but has its own settings.php file in "sites/lingopolo.com.dutch/settings.php", and has its own database (so you see, for example, I can successfully change the configuration of site title and colours from blue to orange).

I can get to the list of views OK (http://lingopolo.com/dutch/#overlay=admin/structure/views or more simply http://lingopolo.com/admin/structure/views) but when I try and edit a view (e.g. http://lingopolo.com/dutch/admin/structure/views/view/admin_media_pages/...) it gives "Page not found". If I create a new view, it will display the wizard to create the view, but then does not go into the view editing page, but again displays "Page not found".

I am really stuck without the ability to edit views! Thanks for any help.


hi drupalshrek,

  1. make sure that the view and its display you created in table views_display,views_view with your db.
  2. check your site memory site,is it enough.
  3. clean all cache,and check the problem.
  4. build a new enviroment with the same db same drupal and mdules,check is it still not work?
  5. do not open other module just test views avoiding module Conflict.

sorry,I can't reproduce your problem and won't give some useful advice.

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Whatever the problem was seems to have gone away.