The zen-7.x-5.4 release notes make it seem like an upgrade to 7.x-5.4 is pretty innocuous, but if you're upgrading from anything other than 7.x-5.3 (which was a broken release anyway), the odds of your subtheme breaking go up many fold due to the significant amount of API changes that went into 5.3.

While all this was duly noted on the 5.3 release notes, there is nothing on the 5.4 release notes that mentions all these changes.

Since zen-7.x-5.4 was a security release and clients are seeing red upgrade warnings, and since 5.3 was a broken release, it would be useful at the very least to provide a message in the zen-7.x-5.4 release notes that states something like this:

Note: Upgrading from any version prior to 7.x-5.3 will very likely break a sub-theme and it is recommended to review the Upgrading Zen 7.x-5.x documentation, as well as reviewing the zen-7.x-5.3 release notes where many of the major changes took place.



Title:Clarify in release notes that Clarify in release notes that upgrading to 7.x-5.4 will break your subtheme

oops, fudged the issue title.

I had the same feeling at first.... but it is not as hard as it sounds... I wrote some notes on how to upgrade that will probably help:

Thanks for pointing that out. I'm not discouraged by how hard / easy it will be, but I think it makes sense to be able to show non-technical site administrators that see a red warning for a Security Update need to know the risks and what exactly is involved.

I would volunteer myself to rewrite my informal post and contribute to the official Zen documentation if one of the maintainers assigns the task to me (and tell me exactly which page to update). I'll give it a shot :-)

@joelhsmith That would be nice, could you open a separate issue for that?

Alls I'm asking for here is someone with ability to edit the release notes for 7.x-5.4 to simply add two links to further documentation and a statement that updating is not as trivial as it may seem. I tried to write the issue summary in a way that someone with such permissions could simply copy and paste the html from this issue summary into the release notes. ;)

Issue summary:View changes

missed a word

Issue summary:View changes

made it more clear and easy to copy/paste the desired text for the release notes

@jwilson3 Will do!

Issue summary:View changes

improved the statement a little