Hi all,

Suppose there is a actor agency database on Microsoft Access = hundreds of entries about clients who want an actor, actors available, jobs done etc (each with perhaps 15 fields per entry) random example here. The owner wants to change this to an online database although this would be private and only for the benefit of the agency employees ie about three people - there is a already a website for the public face of the agency. Of course there are various ways to do this and there is a cloud version of Microsoft Access but is it worth considering Drupal, I mean does anyone use Drupal for this kind of thing or is this not really Drupal territory?



Access is basically two tools, a database tool and a reporting tool.

While you can do both in Drupal, reporting tools like views tend to be meant for admins to configure . People who use access are often use to be able create their own reports.

@ nevets thanks for your reply. Ok I will need to check the Views point but apart from that have you heard of anyone migrating from Access to Drupal, I mean is there anything strange / unusual about using Drupal for either 1) this kind of database purpose or 2) as a private network which only about three people will see (as opposed to a public website)?


Access has a lot of access specific functionality, while Drupal can make reports with modules like views, it is not as full featured as access.

Drupal is fine for make private websites, the access controls make it easy to hide content from non authorized users.

@ nevets ok thanks for your help...