I've been trying to find the way to do this with a token [site:name], and with php <?php print $site_name; ?><?php print $base_url; ?><?php print $base_path; ?> in a Global: custom text field.
No success, unfortunately.

This thread could be related -> https://drupal.org/node/730752
BUT I don't know how to apply patches (as suggested in that thread), I'm also not interested in using patches if it's not necessary. If it was the only solution, I would rather write the site name manually.

How can I show the site name or the site domain in a block with views? I would like to have a field that shows this info dinamically, I mean, that if someone uses another domain or another site name, the block would show the new info, without the need of changing the view/block.
Maybe without views or with other modules?

Thanks for any help in advance and thanks for the great Views module.


As far as I know you can't use real tokens in views. I see two quick options:
1. You override one of the used templates and use PHP in there to output the information you want, see for example http://www.interworks.com/blogs/carmstrong/2013/02/27/quick-tutorial-ove...
2. You use the Views PHP module.

I would strongly recommend the first options.

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Thanks for your answer. I hope I can try this way soon.

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