Hello guys,
i'm new in drupal community.
i'm woking on a form with entityform module and i've been very glad to found this fc module. but...
i appreciate the documentation i've read. the only problems that i have with this module are:
1) the progress bar block doesn't appear in any part of the site, although i've tried some location according to the theme i'm using (theme: skeleton; locations: content, sidebar first, etc);
2) the little icons of completion (green check and red cross) in vertical tabs doesn't appear;
3) the little green dagger doesn't appear near the "desiderable" field.

i think i've correctly installed the module beacuse of the presence of rules integration and the correct db rows that the system creates when saving my form.

any suggestions?
thanks in advance


Have you enabled the Field Complete Progress Bar module and the Field Complete Field Groups modules?

And have you set any fields to be "Complete"? Neither of the others will do anything if you haven't set up the fields in the first place.

See the documentation: https://drupal.org/node/2049963

hi adaddinsane.
i've enabled 'field complete progress bar' and 'field complete field groups' modules. then i've enabled the corresponding blocks to be seen in some parts of the sites, but nothing happened.
i've tried with multiple solutions:
1) only with required fields;
2) only with 'desiderable' fields;
3) both required and desiderable fields.

just one more question: this module manages just the required fields or the 'desiderable' ones?

anyway, i've solved my problem (having a progress bar of required fields) with a custom php script that uses db queries and inline css. it has been a little more complicated, but... i mean... my progress bar now works :)


Status:Active» Closed (works as designed)

It doesn't work with required fields, and doesn't provide a continuous update in the progress bar.

So wasn't what you needed.