I'm on Drupal 6.28, and I have a contact page set up in a site-wide block, set to just show on one page, /contact. (It's been so long I don't recall why I used this method, I think it's a consequence of using the D6 core contact module?)

I have purposely configured this contact page to be blocked from being crawled in my robots.txt (Disallow).

Google's webmaster tools gives me a warning: "Sitemap contains urls which are blocked by robots.txt." (Under crawl/sitemaps.)

Because it is not a "normal" node, the traditional method to remove a page from sitemap.xml is not available for this page. (i.e. there's no edit tab so I can't exclude it from sitemap.xml.)

Is there a way to explicitly exclude a page such as this from sitemap.xml?