I have a fresh install of Drupal 7.23 and the Views module. I installed Drupal 7.23 via point-and-click install on my hosting provider (InMotion Hosting), and the Views module (and requisite modules) through the Drupal admin GUI. I had a lot of trouble with missing database tables. I had to Google for the CREATE TABLE schemas for cache_views, cache_views_data, views_display, and views_object_cache and manually create those through phpMyAdmin.

But even still, when I go to create a View now, even though I no longer get error messages about missing tables, once I get past the first View creation dialog, on the second dialog "Displays" all the contents are blank -- just one line that says "Page Details" and another that says "Advanced".

I thought to try to uninstall and reinstall the Views module, but it's not listed as being available for uninstall on the uninstall tab, even though I disabled the Views module.

Are there other steps I can take to repair this evidently partial installation of Views?


If you had to hand add the tables something is wrong. Generally it is best to avoid click and install approaches. I would suggest completely uninstalling Drupal (drop all the tables from the database, remove the files) and reinstall using FTP.

It turned out increasing PHP memory solved the problem, as described in