I had install mediafront-7x-2.2 and all required modules (feeds_tamper, feeds_xpathparser, feedsyoutube_fetch, strongaram). After enabling last module media front an error occurred. I’m hosting page and I don’t have terminal accesss to the OS.

about error i remeber somethnig about language and set to en. i'm using slovenian language.

From log in drupal I have this record

FieldException: Attempt to create field name field_youtube_keywords which already exists and is active. in field_create_field() (line 85 of /domains/jkneptun.si/public_html/modules/field/field.crud.inc).



update on situation..something is wrong with language settings. I changed language variable in tables from und to sl. Even worse, so I change back to und

ok...i spend last 4 hours solving problems with language...i tryed everything, setup the langugage filed in table from und to sl and back...etc...

what solved the problem???

in the manage display i just move language field form hide to visible..and voila..it works...