Hi all -

I'm looking for a way to dynamically fill a (geo)field with contents from its parent field.

Use case:

FIELD-A is dynamically populated, via a custom importer, with textstring, for example, of lat/long coordinates separated by a delimiter:

FIELD-A: -123° 49' 55.2" W;36.0800° N, 115.1522° W;42.3314° N, 83.0458° W

I'd like automatically create (geo)FIELD-Bs (not plain text) based on FIELD-A:

FIELD-B: -123° 49' 55.2" W
FIELD-B: 36.0800° N, 115.1522° W
FIELD-B: 42.3314° N, 83.0458° W

I have no control over the importer, but know that it uses a combination of xml, xslt, and php. Otherwise, Feeds Tamper could have been useful...

The dataset that populates FIELD-A is not limited. FIELD-As are populated over time.

This function is initially for geofield information, but I know in the future it will be used for plain text, dates, etc. So extensibility is a consideration.

Playing with rules and triggers seems to be making it more complicated than it needs to be... Any suggestions?

Thank you. ;)


Why not use feed tamper to split the value on comma?

Hi, thanks for your response! Unfortunately, feeds tamper is a moot point in this situation. The data the importer has been designed to work with is in too complex a structure for feed tamper to be relevant.