I created a sub-theme from Zen.

When I used the browser's print function to print the web pages ,All parts are normal, but on each resources following a URI address. reference attached picture.

I ask what is causing this problem and how to resolve.

The red region is URI address

zen-print-issue.png264.99 KBhoecake


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This is intentional. In the print stylesheet (_print.scss or print.css), you will see the link attributes there to add the visible URL after useful links, since a printed page isn't clickable.

Thank you echoz , i got it. thank you very much.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Hello echoz , Could you please tell me how to disable the print url attributes? cos i can't do it as i try followed your message.

In print.css (or _print.scss if you're using sass), comment out the ruleset under the comment "Add visible URL after links."