I'm using views to output webform submissions on a page, and I'm trying to theme the submissions.
I've copied webform-submission.tpl.php to my theme and renamed it to be node specific. It's being seen and I'm able to add a div around the content, but I'm not able to get at the individual fields.

The output is coming from here:

print drupal_render_children($renderable);

Can someone please show me an example of how I might break this apart to get at the individual fields (in my case the fields are name, email, location, and message.)


webform-submission.tpl.php has the following help text:
* @file
* Customize the display of a webform submission.
* Available variables:
* - $node: The node object for this webform.
* - $submission: The Webform submission array.
* - $email: If sending this submission in an e-mail, the e-mail configuration
* options.
* - $format: The format of the submission being printed, either "html" or
* "text".
* - $renderable: The renderable submission array, used to print out individual
* parts of the submission, just like a $form array.

print drupal_render_children($renderable);