So I am using Menu Blocks and I am having trouble with displaying only child elements of the parent you are on. I have tried setting the "Starting Level" at 2 and the "Max Depth" to 1 but then that does not show children once I click on that second level. I then switch it to Max Depth to 2 but then it shows a weird drop down that I do not want.

Basically, I want it so that when you click on the parent, no matter what level, it shows only the children for 1 max depth. So even if I am on level 3 and their are children, it shows only the first level of children, but then if I click back on a level 2 item, it does the same.


So if I click on Sub-2, i want it to show Sub-Sub-1 and Sub-Sub-2 only, then if I click on Sub-Sub-1, it only shows Sub-Sub-Sub-1 and Sub-Sub-Sub-2, then clicking Sub-2 it shows only Sub-Sub-1 and Sub-Sub-2.

How do I get this working using Menu Block


Ok after waiting and waiting for a response, and receiving no answer, i kept searching, turns out it can all be done in the Menu Block module, you just have to have the right settings, in your menu block set:

Starting level: 2nd level (secondary) (*or whatever level you need)
check the "Make the starting level follow the active menu item."
Starting level will be: Children under active menu item
Max depth: 1
check the "Expand all children of this tree"

that should get the menu working so only the children current menu item chosen, only 1 level deep.

Sorry "Menu" did not get picked up and because of their upgrade I cannot just edit:

Menu: the menu selected by this page