I'm tying myself up in knots on this one - possibly by trying to make things more complicated than they need be, but probably because I still "don't get" some areas of Drupal.

I'm working on the new version of company website, using an Omega sub theme, and I want to display, below the main content on the homepage, four sets of framed 'highlighted' service categories across the page.

Each would be a box would have a title bar (with link to a node), underneath that a Picture (again with a link to a node) and underneath four links to service topics.

So I've done the following:

1. Created a content type of "Front page highlights" and added a field collection of 'Highlighted Service' to the content type fields.

2. The 'Highlighted Service' Field collection has three fields - a title link field, an image field and a multi line text to hold the links.

3. I've then created content 'Main Service Highlights' of type 'Front page Highlights and added two instances of 'Highlighted Service' fields to the collection.

4. I've then created a view of the field collection called 'Highlighted Item' and added created a block display for the view.

5. Under Blocks I've moved 'Highlighted Item' to the 'content' region....and nothing appears.

Obviously I've misunderstood how this all hangs together so help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.


when you state you utilized a field collection, do you mean with the field collection module? I'm not sure you need this module for this task. The fields can simply be added to the content type without being contained in a collection. The the view set to show the content or the fields if you prefer.

when you generated the view was there data in the preview area?

How many of these highlighted services will there be in total? If only a few then you may not even want to employ a content type. You can generate custom blocks.