I cant find a write up on here plus it could be different for this theme.some one must of asked this question before how to you
change the image in the orange header or which every color you have it set on.
have fun
joe c.


Hey joe, use firefox plus the firebug plugin. it will help ;-)

to change the image look for #header-image in the style.css and change
the background-image...

OK thats one thing, but what about changing the #header-image to a flash file? is this possible..

if so whats the code? as Im a relative newby to drupal..


one way is to insert the code to embed the flash in the page.tpl.php .... just make sure the swf file is in a folder that drupal can access ... e.g. /files/yourflash/movie.swf

can u provide the code - as im not a programmer?

much appreciated..


its not possible to tell you what code you have to use to embed your flash... thats very specific to the type of flash that you want to include ... its a very general question though ... it depends on the size of your movie, the quality settings, the name, ...

check out this article ...


Title:how do I change background imageLetting users change the background
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I had a similar problem.
Users want to be able to change the background image or the menu color.
I made a module with drag an drop admin view for this.
I am not sure about all dependecies, but this works for me.

It also needs my custom cck module wich adds the HTMLCOLOR field to the widgets.

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Ill mark this as closed.

If people want to use #6 feel free to do so.

In the D7 version, this is implemented

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