Why is simpletest under "admin > site building"?
I don't see how testing is related to building/managing the website components (like blocks, menus and modules).

Wouldn't it make more sense to put it under "admin > reports" ?


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It doesn't really belong under admin/reports either. IMO we need an admin/devel menu item for these things. However, since simpletest is for development of a site and since simpletest isn't for a production site and when used simpletest is for "site building" I don't see why we should change.

Title:Why is simpletest under "site building" and not under "reports"?Move simpletest to "reports"
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I'm re-opening this. Had been meaning to open this for ages and glad someone else thought of it.

From UMN we know that some users often do one or both of these two things:

1. look in site building before anywhere else when they want to do something
2. enable all modules

A combination of these two means a lot of users lost in the middle of simpletests either looking for something else, or they want to 'ensure their site code is working as designed' - perhaps some HTML or CSS, or a new theme etc.

At least in 'reports' it's obvious that this is a diagnostic tool. You can use watchdog, phpinfo() and a bunch of other stuff while developing, but there's a reason it's all in reports.

There's also the question of whether SimpleTest should be included in non -dev tarballs in the same way we switch E_ALL off, I'm not sure if that's up for discussion.

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Ok; but it is not really critical.

I'd vote for creating a development menu. It could then be used by other related modules like devel.

And the dba module could use it a development menu as well. The dba module has it's functioning menu in "site building" as well. and I would much rather see it in admin/devel than either report or "site building". This is a hijack of the original issue though; if this is the direction we want to go we should change the title and component.

+1 for admin/devel[opment|oper]. Who rolls the patch?

Title:Move simpletest to "reports"Move simpletest out of "Site building"

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Patch creates a development menu in system.module and changes the main SimpleTest interface to be under it.

It also updates simpletest.test.

This works fine, but has the ugly side-effect of leaving a "Development" menu item there with nothing underneath it when you first install Drupal. This is not a fault of this patch, since moving all of the menu items from, say, "Content management" will have the same effect.

I suggested adding an access callback that both checks the permission AND whether or not there are sub-items, so that these "empty" items would be removed from the UI.

I suggested adding an access callback that both checks the permission AND whether or not there are sub-items, so that these "empty" items would be removed from the UI.

Isn't this fixable within the menu engine itself? Especially for the 'page callback' => 'system_admin_menu_block_page' value?

Well, system_admin_menu_block_page is a legit page callback. The menu system has no way of knowing that that callback is any different from the "My account" callback, which doesn't have any sub-items.

Might be worth looking at the "Create content" menu item's page/access callbacks and seeing how it handles this.

This will need to update http://drupal.org/node/230269#comment-867768 if committed.

Title:Move SimpleTest out of "Site building"Move simpletest out of "Site building"
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Re-rolled and addressed #9.

Corrects all references to admin/build/testing and simpletest.test passes.

Title:Move simpletest out of "Site building"Move SimpleTest out of "Site building"

Title:Move simpletest out of "Site building"Move SimpleTest out of "Site building"

I didn't test the patch, but while reading through it I found the following in a help string:
"Administer >> Site building >> SimpleTest"
the angle brackets are not encoded properly in the markup, and in addition it uses two brackets per level, while the standard breadcrumbs only use one per level.

Shouldn't that be "Administer › Site building › SimpleTest" (with unicode char U+203a) or with a properly encoded ">"?

I'll leave this patch to CNR, because its just a minor issue in the patch.
Actually, it's not an issue introduced by the patch, because it is already in the existing code. It just could also be cleaned up by the patch.

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If we're moving it, we can't keep the admin > site building > SimpleTest directions anyway - would have to be admin > development > Testing

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This addresses the issues brought up in #16 and and the > replacement for ">>".

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Looks good to me, +1 for the idea of moving to admin/development.

I'm putting this in CNW because I implemented in #296693: Hide empty admin categories a way to properly hide empty administrative sections (please review).

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I believe the >> is used since that is the character used in garland. I see that in a number of INSTALL.txt files and such.

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If we are waiting on other issue then this shouldn't be needs work it should be postponed.

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It seems this has been done.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.