This patch adds a "Sharpen" action to Imagecache. It *requires* an updated ImageAPI via this patch:

#266265: Sharpening for ImageAPI/Imagecache


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New patch for use with new ImageAPI patch and GD unsharp masking.

I patched ImageAPI and ImageCache but I don't see a "Sharpen" action. >.<

That's odd. Assuming you've patched HEAD and are using D6, it should show up as the last action available in the "New Actions" fieldset. The label is:

"Add Sharpen - Sharpen an image using unsharp masking."

If you still don't see anything, maybe you can take a peek in "imagecache.module" to see if the patch was applied. A search for "imagecache_sharpen", it should find the action definition if the patch was applied properly.

I'll revert here and apply the patches myself also.

Just applied the patches to current Imagecache and ImageAPI HEAD code, and it seems to work fine. However, you will need to clear Drupal's cache via the the Performance admin page or the Devel module for the action to appear.

Okay I see it now! Cool. :-) It works great!

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oh hey, committed. to DRUPAL-5 and HEAD.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.