Could you add one more row to the biblio_contributor_type table? Either Artist or Illustrator would be fantastic. I can add it to my local version, but I'd rather not 'hack' (however minorly) your module.


Actually, I'm working on that very part of the code right now and the end result will be that the user will be able to add/modify/delete contributor types just like publication types.


That's awesome! Thanks :)

I'm working on a library module for managing the availability of various items, and I'm currently thinking that the bibliography module will dovetail nicely. :) One thing - any chance of making the module a bit more flexible to allow folks to use the 'bibliography fields' on other content types? For example - have an indicator that allows a user to define a particular content type as having 'bibliographic properties'?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "use the 'bibliography fields' on other content types" do you mean something like views (module)?


No - I actually mean something like the functionality you get with a CCK field. Once you create a CCK field, that field can be added to other content types - it's not restricted to only one. So perhaps a user wants to use a 'contributor' field (a very nice design btw) on multiple different content types - they can.

OK, now I'm on the same page. There have been a number of requests for this type of functionality, so I'll see what I can do but it's a major change so don't hold your breath :-)


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