I would like to assign an avatar to every user on registration, and then prevent the user from changing it (so that there is no confusion on user identity). I am using the following set up:

ON Disable users uploading pictures to profile
OFF Force users to select an avatar image when editing their account
ON Force users to select an avatar image on user registration.
ON Enable random default avatar image.

However, when entering the profile edit form, users are still allowed to select/modify their avatar. If this is the intended behaviour, is there a way of achieving the described requirement without installing additional modules?
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If you remove the "access avatars" permission from registered users, but leave it on for anonymous users, it should probably work.


I tried to do the trick: what happens is that the user picks an avatar and proceeds normally with registration.
Then the avatar selection widget will not appear on the profile editing form. Good, however:
- the user will not get assiged the selected avatar, but rather the system "default picture", and
- the selected avatar is not removed from the pool of available avatars ("enable distinctive avatars" is set to ON).
Does that make sense? Thank you.

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Try the attached patch. If it fails to apply download the latest dev release. This change will be included in the next dev release available later today.


I see it working as expected in 5.x-2.x-dev 2008-Jul-02.
I guess you noticed already that the pager in Manage
Avatars is stuck on page 1. Thank you!

No, the Manage Avatars pager is working fine for me. Perhaps you forgot to clear your browser cache after upgrading. The paging mechanism has changed and now uses AJAX GET calls to retrieve the list of avatars.


Something weird. I restarted and cleared the browser (and drupal) cache.
Stepping through the pager works only with "open in new window".
It does not work if I just left-click on the pager link.
Same behavior with both Firefox and Opera...
I tried also to disable Drupal caching, to no avail.

What do you mean by only with "open in new window"? Send me a link to your site so I can take a look.

I mean, with Firefox or Opera, right-click and open the URL in a new browser window.
I cannot do any more testing right now, as I am leaving. The site is not currently accessible.
I will do a clean new installation on Friday, and report back to you. Thank you!

Ok well please open a separate issue for this problem if the problems persist when you return. By the way, I know it's obvious, but just to be clear, you need javascript enabled for it to work.


Released in Avatar Selection 5.x-2.6 and 6.x-1.4. Note, the 5.x-2.6 version is dependant on jQuery Update.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.