I've been getting an http 0 error when uploding my files with filefield and filefiled image for 2 days.
I tried to uninstall all my modules and to find I've changed before the bug: I activated the time report of devel module...
It may be usefull to know this bug

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Project:Devel» FileField
Version:6.x-1.9» 6.x-3.x-dev
Component:devel» Code

Why moving the issue? As said here http://drupal.org/user/56020, other modules may not include Devel specific code...

As i stated there, modules are advertising their code as text/html when in fact they are serving text/javascript

And we can't advertise it as text/javascript because that breaks upload JS callbacks for whatever reason. Perhaps we should just get a warning message into hook_requirements() of either Devel or filefield.

If you'd rather implement hook_requirements than put in the $GLOBALS['devel_shutdown'] = TRUE, then please do so. One of these lets admins do their work and the other doesn't. Seems that this slight code blemish better than the alternatives ... Or submit a patch for devel which is even more work for you.

Yeah, you know, I already had the devel_shutdown thing in filefield and dopry removed it again. If it was just for me, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

Status:Active» Closed (fixed)

yeppers I put tha back in for 2.x and we might even see it in the 3.x's.

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I solved in a strange way but I did!

Please, take a look at this: