After upgrading to rc4 I cannot create new content if that content uses the fivestar module.
I get an undefined function error.
Here is the error message.
Fatal error: Call to undefined function fivestar_content_is_empty() in /html/modules/cck/content.module on line 803

I reverted to rc3 and it works again.

#5 fivestar_content_is_empty.patch641 bytesquicksketch


Project:Content Construction Kit (CCK)» Fivestar
Version:6.x-2.0-rc4» 6.x-1.12-beta1
Component:content.module» Code

Not exactly sure why this would not reveal in RC3, but this is a bug in Fivestar. CCK field modules need to implement hook_content_is_empty() so that they can tell CCK which values it should consider as being empty.

same issue, subscribing

I can confirm this bug.

i have the same bug :( Please solve a problem

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I've committed the attached patch to correct the problem. I'll roll a 1.12 update or release a 1.13 version shortly.

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

It looks like the patch works well. Thank you! :-)

Same error today on fivestar_content_is_empty from a user who doesn't know much about patching things. Any chance for an update on the download? Thanks so much!

Version:6.x-1.12-beta1» 6.x-1.12
Status:Closed (fixed)» Active

I found this as a closed issue, but I experience the error in trying to attach a rating to a node in Drupal 6.4 with this 6.x-1.12 installed. I note a commitment to upgrade which is dated after the current release was posted, and yet I've not seen a 1.13?

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That's right, this bug is fixed, but I haven't gotten out a 1.13 version. It contains an upgrade path that separates out comment support into a separate module, which I'm nervous about. Perhaps a beta version is appropriate.

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.