I'm not receiving any emails sent from my Webform forms. SMTP is working correctly, I am able to receive emails with the Contact module.

Under "Webform mail settings > E-mail to address:" I have my email address saved. Is there something else I need to do?


Note: The data is being saved to the database. I can view the results on the web site, but no emails. Thanks.

Is Webform trying to use another mailer besides SMTP? Is it possible to use with SMTP?

Edit: It seems to be using SMTP. I looked in my logs and saw this error:

Error sending e-mail from "my-email@domain.com" to test@user.com: The following From address failed: "my-email@domain.com"

Interesting. I went here: http://domain.com/admin/settings/webform

I cleared out the "From address:" and "From name:" fields. Completely blank.

And now it works.

Using a component in the "E-mail from name:" field in the configuration for a form also causes an error. Need to leave it blank.

After upgrade I can't get the module to send any mail either. Testet to clear to fields as per above, but no luck.

After upgrade I can't get the module to send any mail either. Tested to clear to fields as per above, but no luck.

Found the solution: an external domain in the email address does not work.

It worked for me when I played around with the "E-mail from address:" under the Conditional e-mail recipients heading. If I made the email address my site's email, it worked fine. When I changed the address to another account under the same domain, it didn't. Strange.

Version:5.x-2.1.3» 6.x-2.1.3

having same problem, Drupals Contact form sends out email fine. But not Webform.

Webform is saving data to the database, just not sending emails out.

NOTE: This sites emails are handled by Google Apps. Could this be the problem, even though the Core Contact Form is sending mail?

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I have this problem with 6.x-2.7.

I can send results to ADDRESS at googlemail.com which forwards to ADDRESS2 at DOMAIN.com without any issues, but I cannot send emails to ADDRESS2 at DOMAIN.com which is a Google Apps address.

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Status:Active» Closed (duplicate)

I changed email address format to "short format" in the general webform settings and it fixed this issue.