hi there,
just saw your posting on the list and thought now is the time to quickly speak out about this. I'm laying my finishing touches on it to make it releasable, for now here is the archive without source SVG and readme and half of the icons missing because i still haven't come to terms with GIMP's script foo wizardry.. anyways presenting the glossy 20x12 px flags theme, in stores soon (once i finished the release notes and so on)
all flags are svgs taken from wikipedia (so public domain), most customized for the tiny size..
cheers ;)


Status:Needs review» Postponed

I'm not going to overwrite the flags currently in the repos, especially not this close to release. However, for Language Icons 6.x-2.x, I'd like to implement a feature that'll allow the module to ship with several sets of icons. "Plain" ones like now, flags from Famfamfam, and possibly yours and/or other royalty free sets.

See also: #292865: famfamfam flag icons

Title:glossy flag themeimplemented flag icon theme selector, include famfamfam theme
Status:Postponed» Needs review
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Title:implemented flag icon theme selector, include famfamfam themeglossy flag theme
Status:Needs review» Postponed
  1. New features go into new development tree, which will probably open on September 10th (see my mail to the translator's mailing list).
  2. This issue is not the one marked "feature request", so the patch does not belong here. Either add it to the previously referenced issue or, even better, open a new issue ("feature request") for it.

1. Any good reasons for not looking at the patch before Sept 10th?
2. The glossy flag theme is included aswell, so in fact it does belong here.

  1. Yes, I don't want to add (or alter) any strings (see mail to translator mailing list), unless any "buggy" ones are found (again, see previously mentioned mail). In addition to this string freeze, I'm also considering the code to be in a code freeze. All in all, I don't want to look at anything pertaining to 6.x-2.x, before development of 6.x-2.x is actually open, so that I know what 6.x-2.x code will be like, and so that I can actually check in patches that are ready.
  2. This issue was originally added to add a set of icons, not the functionality needed to seamlessly switch between the various provided sets. As said, making a new issue for this (and setting the famfamfam issue back to task) would be preferable.

Also, per #2: I like to keep things one issue per issue; this one is for adding the glossy flag icons, the famfamfam one is (or should be) about adding the famfamfam icons... and the feature request should be in an issue all on its own. One issue per issue.

Title:glossy flag themeAdd glossy flag theme
Version:6.x-1.x-dev» 6.x-2.x-dev

A new issue has been created for adding an icon set selector: #319966: Add flag icon theme selector

Category:task» feature

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