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Newswire is a multi column, tableless, fixed width layout theme. It can support 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns out of the box - the main content region will expand and contract depending on which columns are active. The default width is 960px.

Newswire comes in 7 different styles, supports a Suckerfish drop menu and has many additional regions designed to fit standard size advertising banners or other content.

Most of this information can be found in the README that comes with Newswire. This page includes some additional information about how to display of the site name and logo at the same time - normally Newswire will only display one or the other depending on the theme settings.

1. Download Newswire theme from

2. Unpack the downloaded file, take the entire newswire folder (which includes the README.txt file and all the themes files) and place it in your Drupal installation under one of the following locations:

  • sites/all/themes - making it available to the default Drupal site and to all Drupal sites in a multi-site configuration.
  • sites/default/themes - making it available to only the default Drupal site.
  • sites/ - making it available to only the site if there is a sites/ configuration file.

3. Log in as an administrator on your Drupal site and go to Administer > Site building > Themes (admin/build/themes), where you can enable Newswire and set it as the default theme.

4. Theme Settings. Go to Administer > Site building > Themes > Configure > Newswire (admin/build/themes/settings/newswire) and configure settings for the Newswire theme.

All features are supported but you can only display a logo OR the site name. If the logo is checked, newswire will display the logo - you must un-check logo to display the site name in the header. Please see below for tips on how to show both the logo and the site name.

Setting the default style:
On the theme settings page, scroll to the bottom and you will see a new drop menu - select your desired theme style sheet and save your settings.

Customizing the styles:
There are two style sheets to you can customize to make your own theme, newswire_custom-gray.css and newswire_custom-tan.css.

The custom stylesheets are located in the /css/ folder in the Newswire theme directory.

The Gray theme has gray blocks, tables and highlights and the Tan has tan blocks, tables and highlights.

Follow the instructions at the top of the style sheet (search and replace colors as per the instructions). This will modify all the necessary colors including the Suckerfish drop menus.

5. Blocks.

Go to Administer > Site building > Blocks (admin/build/block/list/newswire) and configure your block settings.

Newswire has 4 columns and multiple additional regions - see the main screen shot at for a visual overview of all the regions.

A region will only become active if a block is placed within it, this includes the 3 sidebars - Left, Right_2 (inside right) and Right and all the additional advertising regions.

6. Default Avatar.

If you would like to use the anonymous users avatar supplied with the theme, go to User management > User setting (admin/user/settings), enable pictures for users and paste in the path "sites/all/themes/newswire/images/avatar.png". Modify the path if you have installed newswire in a different directory.

Newswire is designed to support user pictures/avatars of the default size (85x85px), if you change this you may need to modify the CSS in styles.css, line ~479 e.g.

div.comment-content.with-picture {
  margin-left: 95px; /* modify the margin as required */

7. Suckerfish Drop Menus.

The first thing you must do is disable Primary links in the theme settings. If you don't your menu won't show up.

Create your menu with the standard Drupal menu system. Make sure all menu entries are set to "expanded". Place the menu block in the Suckerfish region, be sure to set the block title as <none>. The menu will automatically become a drop menu.

8. Customizing the Layout.

Newswire is built on top of a flexible theme framework. You should study the CSS, in particular layout.css, layout-DEV.css, page.tpl.php and template.php. layout-DEV.css is the full theme framework, while the layout.css is just a subset that is actually used by Newswire.

How to show the site name and the logo at the same time

To show the site name and the logo you need to open up page.tpl.php and modify some of the php code.

Step 1:

Take away this (starts around line 43);

if ($logo) {
  else {

And replace it with this:

print $logo; print $site_name;

Step 2:

Open up template.php and on lines 119 and 127 (approx) look for this code:

elseif ($vars['site_name'])

and take away "else", i.e.,

if ($vars['site_name'])

You may want to consider changing the HTML for the logo to DIV tags for the front page (both will display in H1 tags otherwise). To do this simply change the H1 on line 117 (for the logo) to DIV tags.

You will need to apply new CSS styles as they will now appear stacked on top of each other.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.