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This page describes ways to set yourself up to start working on Drupal issues as a developer. While not intended for the general public, the points here are particularly useful for developers who spend a significant amount of time on the issue queue.

Setting up your browser for user scripting

You can use JavaScript and CSS in your browser to override the default display of Most web browsers support the use of CSS overrides to change the style of a site. Also, browsers such as Opera or Firefox with the Greasemonkey extension, allow to modify the display of a web page after it has been loaded.

  • For Firefox, install the Greasemonkey extension.
  • For Opera, read the Opera tutorial and use the built in user scripting functionality.
  • For Safari, install GreaseKit.
  • For Google Chrome - you do not need anything to install Greasemonkey scripts - read below and just click on the link to the actual script. It will be seen as a regular Chrome extension.

Working with Drupal issues

The attached script can be used to make modifications to the display of a Drupal issue in the following ways:

  1. Adds the issue number to the issue title, and transform it into a link for easy copying to other sites where rich text editors might be in use or to other programs which understand links in a clipboard.
  2. Adds a plain text anchor tag to the issue suitable for copying into a comment, below the issue title. It's in a fairly standard format [issue number]: [issue title].
  3. Adds a plain-text anchor tag below each comment in an issue, for linking to a specific comment. The format is [issue number]: [issue title] ([comment number]).

The script is also available at the site, where the newest version is available. For Firefox, the script requires at least Firefox 3. Opera 9.5 and Safari should work, though they are currently untested.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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