Added in some options that i used to use computed fields to do

function textcommaformatter_field_formatter_info() {
return array(
'text_comma' => array('label' => t('Commas'), 'multiple values' => CONTENT_HANDLE_MODULE, 'field types' => array('text')),
'text_comma_and' => array('label' => t('Commas-And'), 'multiple values' => CONTENT_HANDLE_MODULE, 'field types' => array('text')),
'text_comma_and_period' => array('label' => t('Commas-And-Period'), 'multiple values' => CONTENT_HANDLE_MODULE, 'field types' => array('text')),
'text_unordered_list' => array('label' => t('Unordered List'), 'multiple values' => CONTENT_HANDLE_MODULE, 'field types' => array('text')),
'text_ordered_list' => array('label' => t('Ordered List'), 'multiple values' => CONTENT_HANDLE_MODULE, 'field types' => array('text')),
* Implementation of hook_theme().
function textcommaformatter_theme() {
  return array(
    'textcommaformatter_formatter_text_comma' => array('arguments' => array('element' => NULL), 'function' => 'theme_textcommaformatter_formatter_text_comma'),
    'textcommaformatter_formatter_text_comma_and' => array('arguments' => array('element' => NULL), 'function' => 'theme_textcommaformatter_formatter_text_comma'),
    'textcommaformatter_formatter_text_comma_and_period' => array('arguments' => array('element' => NULL), 'function' => 'theme_textcommaformatter_formatter_text_comma'),
    'textcommaformatter_formatter_text_unordered_list' => array('arguments' => array('element' => NULL), 'function' => 'theme_textcommaformatter_formatter_text_comma'),
    'textcommaformatter_formatter_text_ordered_list' => array('arguments' => array('element' => NULL), 'function' => 'theme_textcommaformatter_formatter_text_comma'),
* Theme a textfield as a comma-separated list.
* @ingroup themeable
function theme_textcommaformatter_formatter_text_comma($element) {
  $values = array();
  $item = $element;
  foreach (element_children($element) as $key) {
  foreach (element_children($element) as $key) {
    $item['#item'] = $element[$key]['#item'];
    $values[] = ($allowed =_text_allowed_values($item)) ? $allowed : $item['#item']['safe'];
  switch ($element['#formatter']) {
    case 'text_comma':
      $output = implode(', ', $values);
    case 'text_comma_and':
      $output = ImplodeToEnglish($values, ', ', '');
    case 'text_comma_and_period':
      $output = ImplodeToEnglish($values, ', ', '.');
case 'text_unordered_list':
      $output = ImplodeToList($values, 'ul');
case 'text_ordered_list':
      $output = ImplodeToList($values, 'ol');
return $output;
//taken from
function ImplodeToEnglish ($array, $seperator, $suffix) {
    // sanity check
    if (!$array || !count ($array)) {
        return '';
    // get last element
    $last = array_pop ($array);
    // if it was the only element - return it
    if (!count ($array)) {
        return $last;
//return x, x, x and x.
    return implode ($seperator, $array) . t(' and ') . $last . $suffix;
function ImplodeToList ($array, $type) {
    // sanity check
    if (!$array || !count ($array)) {
        return '';
return '<'.$type.'>'."\n".'<li>' . implode ('</li>'."\n".'<li>', $array) . '</li>'."\n".'</'.$type.'>';

Will add in the first/last for the number field soon, as well as a fill in the blank if null. example: price is blank then display "call for price".


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This is not a patch.

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here is is in diff. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

new4.38 KB

here's the correct diff. I also added in even odd classes for the list output.

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here it is as a tar

Status:Needs review» Needs work

you need to be using spaces for indenting rather than tabs. also split up long array()s into multiple lines the way the module is already doing.

here's an anded list implementation i did a while back that seems a little cleaner:

switch (count($array)) {
$last = array_pop($array);
implode(', ', $array) . t(' and ') . $last;

Is there a coding standards page where I can find out how I'm supposed to format the code? In terms of arrays into multiple lines, I was following how the CCK Numbers module codes it. I've been gone, so now that i"m back this is my first project; to code for this module. I'm planing on making a support module to hold all the general functions, there is too much repeating code.

ok, I will follow the code standards

Will release a tarball in a little while, with the "cckformatterfunctions" module

*Slightly Off Topic*
Is there a pre-configured text editor that follows the rules for xp? Something that is similar to how Autoit Packages it?

Title:Updated Text to support a lot more options other then commaText, Number & Taxonomy Formatters
Status:Needs work» Needs review
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Here it is... The only thing that is not generalized is the price in the numbers formatter display; it's too specific to be useful it's current form to the general community. If this looks like it passes the drupal coding standards then I will start to redo some of this so that it's more "elegant".

Followup to my off topic... If you have the autoit version of scite, add this to (in C:\Documents and Settings\user name)

# 42 Update Source in CVS
command.42.*.module=$(SciteDefaultHome)\cvsWrapper\CvsWrapper.exe "$(FilePath)"*.module=CVS Update Source*.module=1
# 43 Compare current Source with CVS version
command.43.*.module=$(SciteDefaultHome)\cvsWrapper\CvsWrapper.exe "$(FilePath)" /ShowDiff*.module=CVS Diff Source*.module=1
# 44 Open ScriptSource Directory
command.44.*.module=$(SciteDefaultHome)\cvsWrapper\CvsWrapper.exe "$(FilePath)" /ShowRepository*.module=CVS Open Source Directory*.module=1

It gives you a local SVN and correct tabs/return for your module files.

Are you submitting new modules, or patches for existing modules? Please only include patches if modifying an existing module.

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kinda both, you could say I'm writing a patch for your text one and I have 3 new modules on top of it. Plus the text one now has a new dependency and is renamed. Anyway here is the diff for your text one.

Status:Needs review» Needs work

Hm. Renaming it could be quite problematic given the way CVS works. I'll have to check with the CVS maintainers but at that point it's probably better to add a new module to the package named textformatter, then remove the old one. :-(

That said, we should *not* use the same theme function for all of the formatters. A switch statement is 99% of the time a clear indication that you're doing something wrong. Let's have a separate theme function for each, which can then also be overridden separately for each. Thanks.

(I wonder if we should just split off textformatter to its own module then? Something to ask Karen about, probably.)

I would like to keep them all in one big package, that way I can use a standard library of functions for all the formatters. My next step is to replicate how lightbox2 adds in multiple items for images, and do it for numbers; and kill my price option. Also would like to code an imagefield formatter as well. I'm thinking about the best way to kill the switch statement right now. I'll also change the "comma and" code to your more elegant solution.

Thanks for your help!

If you don't specify a function in the theme hook, then you would automatically get theme functions of theme_textformatter_formatter_text_comma(), theme_textformatter_formatter_text_comma_and(), theme_textformatter_formatter_text_comma_and_period(), etc. That's a much better way to go, as you then have nice small polymorphic functions to leverage rather than one big beheamoth of a switch. That's the correct way to handle it, IMO.

I'm not suggesting we split each text formatter into its own module, as that is I agree excessive. I am wondering if it makes sense to create a new module project named "textformatters" that contains just a whole bunch of formatters for text fields, starting with the one there now and the ones in this thread.

This has become its own module. check here:

Status:Needs work» Fixed

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.