This theme doesn't work with QuickTabs module in Internet Explorer. To be more specific, it only works with quicktabs with default(no) style. If quicktabs are set to other then default style(zen, garland, arrows, mac, ), it breaks styles in IE.

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Sorry, I didn't even know quicktabs existed :)

Um, I'll have a look at it when I have time, but I don't know when that will be.

Not only IE, this it not work at all with all browsers.
Why Quick tabs with this theme don't work?

Please fix it if you have any time.

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attachment: styled quicktabs within this theme (browser: IE7)

try to clear the Drupal cache

Yes but Zen style still don't work.

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same problem, IE only, all themes

cleared cache with devel module, problem persists


This is a CSS issue with Quick Tabs - optimizing CSS may help:

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Please refile your respective issues in the Quick Tabs issues queue. The tma theme isn't doing anything special, although the fact it's based on Zen might break something (#406264: zen tabs don't work with zen theme).

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just a clarification
#358114: site broken in IE (Optimize CSS files) is a CSS issue with IE. It is not a Quick Tabs specific issue..

@7 Re #5

Yes, it is a core issue when using many CSS files

However, optimizing CSS resolved my problem in IE using Quick Tabs

Hi all,

apparently the module solves this problem. Thanks decibel.places for pointing it out in the module's issue queue #436882: IE Unlimited CSS Loader name change? module affects other browsers, fixes other issues.