I have an email action configured to send an email to the author of a node. I wanted to trigger that action when changing from one state to another but the email was not properly set. By looking at the code of the email action (system.module), I noticed that it expects the $node object directly as the $object argument of the do_action() function, when the action type is 'system'.

Attach is a patch that fixes this.

- Drupal 6.8 / PHP Version 5.2.6-0.1~lenny1 / Debian 5.0 (testing)

workflow.module.patch721 byteshanoii


Works well for me, thanks!

And for me...! Well-spotted hanoii!
Much appreciated.

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This had the unwanted side effect of breaking token replacement on e-mail actions of type system when applied to my install. E-mail body went from...

Node created at localhost:8888/mysite/node/16421
Node created at localhost:8888/mysite/node/[nid]

after I applied this patch.


Works for me

Thanks :-)

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Works for me. I set up a clean install of drupal 6.13 + workflow 6.x-1.1 + this patch + token 6.x-1.x-dev and was unable to reproduce the problem in #3. Is anyone still having problems with this patch?


Love the patch, work like a charm

really appreciate, all the best Haonii

awesome. worked for me. wonder why this hasn't been fixed in the newest version? are other folks having the same issue? in any case, it fixed it for me. thanks for this - so much.

Still not fixed in the newest release of workflows module (oct 23rd?) for 6.x (I just implemented it on monday, and it broke this again). Is anyone paying attention to this post?

Thanks a lot! It worked great and fixed my problem that some token variables in emails were not replaced. I am using the newest release of workflow and have not encountered any issue mentioned above.


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