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Getting Started with Blueprint

  1. Download the Blueprint theme, and put it in sites/all/themes/
  2. Go to and download that zip and open it. Rename that folder to "blueprint" and put it inside sites/all/libraries/blueprint/
  3. Ensure your path looks like /sites/all/libraries/blueprint/blueprint/screen.css
  4. Add custom css to /sites/all/themes/blueprint/css/style.css.

Voila, you have a starter theme.

The Grid

Add the class "showgrid" to divs to see the grid. You can add these classes in firebug to get a quick look.

Tip:Read the README file.

Creating a Blueprint Sub-theme

  1. Install the Blueprint theme and enable it to be sure it is working
  2. Create a new folder for your subtheme: "/sites/default/themes/my_theme"
  3. Create a .info file for your subtheme at "/sites/default/themes/my_theme/" which looks like this:
    name = My Blueprint Subtheme
    description = My description
    core = 6.x
    base theme = blueprint

That's it. You have a subtheme, although it doesn't do anything yet. Moving forward, the key is to avoid making edits in the /blueprint folder. Instead, override pieces of the theme in your /my_theme folder. In some cases, such as .tpl.php files, you may need to copy the entire file into your subtheme and edit it. In other cases, as with CSS files, you'll just create a new file and override specific attributes. You also need to add the CSS file paths, by adding a line to the bottom of your file:
stylesheets[screen,projection][] = css/style.css
The code above assumes you have created a folder called "css" and placed a file called "style.css" inside.

More info on subtheming is here:

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.