By default, on 404 Not Found pages:

  1. The "Main menu" block, the "Secondary menu" block, and any other menu-based blocks are turned off. This is because, by default, the site_404 variable is blank, so there's no active menu item and, thus, menu_get_item() returns FALSE and menu_tree_page_data() will return no data. And since menu_tree() relies on menu_tree_page_data(), there's no menu trees.
  2. The Primary links and Secondary links of your theme are turned off. Again, menu_primary_links() relies on menu_tree_page_data().

So, basically on any 404 error page, all of your navigational menus are turned off. Considering that allowing a visitor to navigate away from a 404 error page is essential, this seems like a pretty big usability fail.


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Heh, this is what I get for only half finishing my comments on #116895: Show regions at 404 page yesterday.

This issue is being split from that issue to make patch review easier. :-)


Issue tags:+Usability

I agree that this is a usability issue. John, what is your vision of this? In Drupal 7, should menus appear on 404 pages, or would this be an option? Where would the setting live?


Status:Active» Closed (duplicate)