This is very good plugin and I'd love (really need) to use it. However, the title is not translated, and it's not changing the translated strings. Could anyone please fix it? thanks.



Sure, which modules are you using for translation? Locale? Content Translation? i18n?

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You need to configure i18n correctly. This can be done with i18n variables.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Sorry, could you provide more detailed instructions of how to make taxonomy title translated? i18n settings can make anything from the variables table translatable, but this is not the case.
Any help appreciated.

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Bumping it up to the lates version so I can work on it next.

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and here's a patch for i18n string support.

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user fail on patch, trying again.

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fixed in 6.x-1.4 version. Marking as such.

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Use module_exists() to check id i18n is installed and not function exists, please. We have this apis to use them.

Version:» 6.x-1.4
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function exists is faster, and module exists won't tell me if any of the functions I'm actually calling exist. :/ I don't think this is worth changing.

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Use the APIs that drupal has defined. They have been made for everyone for very good reasons. Don't try to go your own way, please. Not using the API is a bug that need to be fixed.

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The module now works with multi-lingual, so this issue is fixed. If you have a complaint about the approach, then open an new issue and write a patch. Please do not re-open this issue.

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You are not following drupal coding rules. This patch should have never ever been committed. Roll it back and do it again or fix the bug, please.

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Please open a new issue to correct the coding standards.