When importing a Views 1 view, the Filefield display format is not preserved. Patch to follow.


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Patch attached.

Title:Format not preserved in views importConversion from Views 1
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Added filter and argument conversion. I've tested this, and since there haven't been any others interested in testing, I'm marking it as ready to be committed.

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Hey Darren Oh, I'm planning on getting this in, I just haven't had time to review this yet. Do you know of any problems with the code (since this version is notably longer than the first version).

This definitely seems unnecessary:

+          foreach ($content_field['columns'] as $column => $attributes) {
+          }

I still haven't applied to test it out, since it requires a bit of set up.

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This version is longer because it fixes all problems, not just one. There are no remaining issues that I know of. The unnecessary lines are removed in the attached patch.

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Thanks Darren Oh! Any implementation is better than none, so I've committed your patch. Thanks!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.