I needed a crossfade and saw that there were plans to move to the cycle jquery plugin, then saw that 6.x-1.0-dev had some work done migrating to contrib and decided to start putting some effort into this.

This patch is a very rough start at completing the migration to a contrib architecture. Since the partially complete migration also broke all the JS code, and since cycle is so simple, I went ahead and redid the JS code in cycle.

This patch produces views that basically work for both singleframe and breakout hover. The style plugin options form is cleaned up and function. Some (most) settings aren't applied yet and there's lots of cleanup to do. I'll make more progress tomorrow, but it'd be kewl if someone could say I'm not wasting my time :D


new38.85 KB

I couldn't help myself, so I changed "fade" to "effect" in options and put the full list of Jquery cycle transitions in the list. Also renamed some other settings to line up with Cycle names and actually added the options to the JS calls. Not sure how hard it will be to create upgrade scripts for renamed settings?

More progress, some cleanup, add more settings. still wip

wow! you've been busy! i plan take a look at your work later today, and see about moving that forward. thanks for the great work, fearlsgroove!

fyi, i noticed that you commented out the following in views_slideshow.views_slideshow.inc.

= array_merge($options, module_invoke_all('views_slideshow_option_definition'));

that's required to work in the new direction that views slideshow is headed, as an engine for other rotator modules. it already works with Views Slideshow: ImageFlow, and will need to be future-proof. see the discussion at Comparison of Rotator / Slider modules.

subscribing - this is awesome, and you're definitely not wasting your time at all.

Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear this is going in the right direction! Latest version attached. More settings are fixed, it uses cycle's built in pager functionality instead of the custom js for breakout mode, and it includes player controls (prev, play/pause, and next) that can be included above or below the slideshow or not at all.

@aaron: module_invoke_all gets called in options_definition function of the plugin style, so that call was redundant and just made it crap out under recursion. All the plugins should be getting included I think, but I have not tested the imageflow module specifically.

It think this is getting pretty close! I haven't implemented hoverIntent support yet, and since losing features isn't really an option that's on the list. There's still a bit more cleanup to do and I was wondering whether it's worth it to implement constants in the singleframe and thumbnailhover plugins for defaults.

@fearlsgroove which release is this latest patch for? I tried to patch 6.x-1.0-beta2 and getting a number of "which file do you want to patch?" messages.

@agoel96 : It's rolled against the latest -dev. If you're migrating somethign that exists, you're going to have to reconfigure the style options for your views as it changes many settings.

Subscribing. Can't wait for some different effects than just fade. Great job people.

that was the problem, i was trying to patch beta2. this was exactly what i needed. lets get this included into the release!

Updated patch with hoverIntent support for thumbnail hover mode. This is unfortunately a bit ugly since cycle doesnt' support hover/hoverIntent for it's pagerEvent property, as it's doing a bind rather than checking to execute the function.

This also fixes a few other issues like random always being on and reverses the previous and play buttons in the default theme for the player controls.

I'm calling this complete as far as what I'd like to add in this patch, so it'd be great to get some feedback, fix what needs fixing and get this committed.

The patch doesn't seem to work against the latest dev-version (2009-Jun-20 ), or I am doing something wrong?

It appears aaron has reverted dev, I assume because separating plugins into contrib modules was too big a change?

@aaron please lemme know what you're plans are. I'll be happy to re-roll a patch against a 2.x branch. I've done some additional work on this (and even implemented a jcarousel version of thumbnail hover :D), so I'm keen to get stuff in the official repos so as not to be supporting a fork.


So there is currently no way to test the latest work that @fearlsgroove has done?

@aaron must be really busy.

In the meantime, @fearlsgroove, can you simply post the whole module so that others can use and so that we can test it and find bugs. Seems like the improvements should be used and tested.


Aaron created a 2.x branch in cvs. I need to check that out and reroll this patch, which I've been meaning to do for some time now. Will try to get to it shortly

Thanks much!

new144.42 KB

This patch is rerolled against the current 2.x-dev branch. You'll need to check it out from CVS:

I'd rather not attach a tarball unless there's quite a few people too afraid of CVS :D

This patch does some additional refactoring vs the previous patch,. and I also haven't looked very carefully at what aaron might have changed in the 2.x branch vs the original target in the 1.x branch. Based on my quick look, it appears it's just the version that was 1.x-dev prior to moving it to 2.x, with the batch from #1 above included in the cvs.


Thanks much. The instructions at http://drupal.org/node/160350/cvs-instructions/DRUPAL-6--2 show how to download from CVS, which I was quite familiar with. My problem is in applying the patch. I've tried putting the patch file inside and outside the downloaded directory. I've tried "patch -p1 < views-slideshow-2.x.patch" and "patch -p0 < views-slideshow-2.x.patch" and "patch --strip < views-slideshow-2.x.patch" and of course, "patch < views-slideshow-2.x.patch" I've also tried "cvs patch." Definitely feel like I'm shooting in the dark. Any chance you might shed some lite on where I should put the patch file relative to the cvs download and what command I should run? Thanks,


Hmm this worked for me from a bash(linux) terminal:

$  cvs -z6 -d:pserver:anonymous:anonymous@cvs.drupal.org:/cvs/drupal-contrib checkout -d views_slideshow-DRUPAL-6--2 -r DRUPAL-6--2 contributions/modules/views_slideshow/
$  wget http://drupal.org/files/issues/views-slideshow-2.x.patch
$  cd views_slideshow-DRUPAL-6--2/
$  patch -p1 < ../views-slideshow-2.x.patch

If that doesn't do it for you, please lemme know what errors you're receiving, or what term output you're getting.


Perfect. The patch applied with no errors.

Those instructions were exactly what I needed.

For those with Macs... Leopard doesn't seem to come with wget. I used curl -O instead and it did the job.

I hope to install the patched views_slideshow tonight and test. I promise to report back. Thanks so much.


I've installed the patch from #18. I created a single frame view. My only previous experience with views_slideshow was the D5 version. It was such a pleasure to see how nicely this version of views_slideshow works with Views 2.

Timer display, speed, and effect, all seem to be behaving as designed.

"Pause" does not seem to be working. I set it to "No" and yet the show still pauses on hover.

The "Controls" work. However, Views is not properly remembering the chosen controls setting. Upon editing the View it will retrieve the wrong setting. If you weren't paying attention and then saved, you end up inadvertently changing your setting for the controls.

I did not notice any change when setting "synch" to "No." Please note that I only tested it on about three effects, so maybe it doesn't affect those particular effects.

I did not test "random."

Thanks so much to @aaron and @fearlsgroove for creating such a great module. Makes me look good with my clients.



Any chance you got a chance to take a look for those bugs I discovered in #22?

Again, great work,


new68.69 KB

Thanks for the feedback and good find on all those issues. They should all be addressed in this patch.

For sync, you should be able to observe the difference now. It causes the slide's effects to occur sequentially rather than concurrently. So it's the difference between fade-out/fade-in and a cross fade.

new69.74 KB

This version adds the ability to have a pager. 1|2|3 etc. Enable it the same way you enable controls.

Works great! Any chance of adding a feature that tells what node you are on (i.e. 1 of 5)?

There is a class called activeSlide added to the active number.

Thanks for that rendahead -- is your function themable such that instead of making it say 1 | 2 | 3, I could make it say [current] / [total] (i.e. slide 2 / 5) ?

So I found that with jCycle, it's simple enough, to add what I want. But how would you all suggest adding an after: function to the slideshow without hacking the module? Thanks.

We'd have to add it to the module which is simple enough it's just that I'm hesitant to do any more coding until we have feedback from aaronwinborn. This patch is getting a little large to work with.

agreed with redndahead, this is unwieldy and I'd like to get this committed before any more features go in.

Thanks for the pager by the way works just fine and good addition


wow, this is looking really good! i plan to give it a more thorough look-over on monday or tuesday. however, it looks like it needs an update, at the very least to rebuild the themes. (how will it affect existing views as well?)

thanks for the great work -- assuming it works as advertised, i can probably commit what's there and we can do the update in another issue anyway, unless someone wants to give it a go.


Any chance to create a tarball with the patch applied? I am not using Linux and prompts and I have to rely on remote cpanel to my server only.


new70.04 KB

This patch fixes some coding standards and cleans up some inconsistent code layout.

new19.56 KB

@kirllius Here is a tarball of the patch

Thanks, but it seems the format is different than the regular. My cpanel cannot extract it into a directory. It extracts only a tar file, which it cannot further process.

I installed the module after renaming the file (removing the "_" in the name) but the result was not that great:
1) Neither controls nor paging were displayed when I used the view as an attachment (using Views Attach)
2) In a page view only the paging kinda works but controls don't show

new19.56 KB
new70.05 KB

There was a bug after I changed the output in the last patch so the controls wouldn't show. This patch fixes it. Also attached is the tarball. You'll still need to rename it.

What do you mean kinda works on the paging? It seems to work fine for me I just double checked to make sure. Haven't checked views attach. Not quite sure why it wouldn't work though.

new70.06 KB
new19.56 KB

Ahh crap I patched the wrong file. This one includes the entire patch.

I'd seriously think about taking that underscore out from betweem the 'tar' and the '.gz' in your file name. A traditional tarball ends in '.tar' and a GZip compressed tarball ends in '.tar.gz' or '.tgz' and having the underscore in there confuses automatic file-type detection.

Technically your file name announces itself as a plain GZip file... not a tar file using GZip compression.

Just an FYI since it seems to have already caused someone else problems.

Thanks, by "kinda works" I mean that it works sometimes (on a page view) and other times it does not (with Views Attach)

Hmmm... I extracted the latest tarball, copied all files over my existing views_slideshow directory, ran update.php, flushed all caches... In the Slideshow options pane Slideshow Mode shows an empty dropdown list, and the rest of the form is missing.

@gregarios I don't have a choice. drupal.org changes it for security reasons.
@kirilius ahh I'll try to figure it out.
@adamo Did you enable one of the other two modules views singleframe or views thumbnailhover? They are now separate modules.

Silly me. All better now. This is sweet. :)

Thank you redndahead! If that will help you more, I am trying to create a mini slideshow (manual only) on a node's teaser. NY Times usually has a similar type of mini slides on the cover page or in some articles. I am using Views Attach to add a view to the teaser.

ok, i'm going to review this today and try to merge in the changes. great work, everyone!

I tested it with attachment and it works as expected. The problem seems to be in when you choose none for the fade effect. Nothing works at all. I think what is expected is that you can manually switch between them. Also when you choose none no pager is created. My guess is this is because cycle is not run at all so it doesn't create the pager.

So two things

1) We need none to still work where it won't provide a transition, but still uses cycle.
2) We need an option to disable auto cycling.

Both of which I think can go into 2 new issues after this patch gets committed.

@aaron Any chance of getting a 6.x-2.x-dev release tag created so we can work off of that and tarballs can be built?

Status:Needs review» Fixed

ok, this is committed now. please open new issues as appropriate for remaining items, as this issue is really long now. i'm going to open the dev-2 release now as well, to make it easier for folks to help out.

thanks for the great work, fearlsgroove & redndahead!


Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.