the new delegator module checks, that no other module has overwritten the taxonomy/term/% path.


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I added a setting to the Taxonomy Manager to disable the overwriting of the taxonomy/term/% path by the Taxonomy Manager. The hook_menu_alter is used to redirect terms selected in the merging feature (which get deleted afterwards) to the resulting merged term, so this redirect feature is not essential for the Taxonomy Manager and users can now decide whether to active it or not.

has this been committed to CVS?

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Latest dev snapshot is dated 2009-Jun-11 so it seems it's NOT in CVS (or in wrong branch)

As crea pointed out, this has been committed to the new Drupal-6--2 branch, a dev snapshot is now available on the project page

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marking issue as fixed, because code is committed to 6---2 branch and next release will contain this fix

Hey I added the new 6-2x-dev version and I don't see the switch to turn off the overriding of taxonomy/%term/ page on the taxonomy manager module admin page. Can you please tell me where the menu item is?


you should find the setting 'Disable redirect of the taxonomy term page to merged terms' under Administer > Site Configuration > Taxonomy Manager

Okay, found it, thanks...I didn't notice that secondary management menu...but it disables the redirect of merged terms...but it doesen't seem to disable the override of the taxonomy/%term page, which I have running through panels. I want to use taxonomy manager just to manage my taxonomy terms in an efficient fashion, I don't want it to have anything to do with my taxonomy/%term url links. How do I prevent it from overriding that page?


it definitely disables the override of the term page, code looks like this

* Implementation of hook_menu_alter
function taxonomy_manager_menu_alter(&$callbacks) {
  if (!variable_get('taxonomy_manager_disable_merge_redirect', 0)) {
    $callbacks['taxonomy/term/%']['page callback'] = 'taxonomy_manager_term_page';

I don't know, what the panel module exactly does with the term page, but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work now. Is there any error message you receive?

I installed 6.x-2.x dev and it seems to work as expected.

@corona ronin: Make sure you visit "admin/build/modules" page after enabling this setting, so menu system will rebuild. Until rebuilding menu this setting doesn't have effect.

@crea, going to admin/build/modules seemed to fix the problem. I guess the menu setting needed to be reset. This is good stuff!

I'll post back if something else comes up...


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