This module, and it's functionality really needs to be tested outside of core drupal node types.

Things like Ubercart, Webform, Nodes with lots of CCK fields, etc.

Will close after I've tested with a handful of modules that create their own custom submit handlers, and determine that this is in no way ignoring those.


I just found this module. It's fantastic.

I'm also using the Jobtrack/Support module which is in development stages and it worked just perfectly. I'll keep my eyes open with others.

I was just wondering if this could be available for comments. I understand that comments are different than nodes so I imagine it requires work. I guess I should open that as a new issue for a feature request.

Thanks a lot.


Good to know that it is working properly with some other contributed modules. That's where my testing is lacking, and without trying every module out there that deals with nodes, I wont know what issues may arise due to the way other contrib modules were put together.

Further to my earlier comment, re: use with the Jobtrack module which has now become the Support module.

I just switched from the Jobtrack 6.x-1.6-rc1 to Support 6.x-1.x-dev and Save_Edit no longer works with that node type. I wonder if there is a particular hook issue that may be helpful for the Support project to know about.



Does the Support module create a custom node type with additional functionality? I have yet to download it and scan the code.
I think the issue will be found in my module related to the submit handler. I need to go back and clean up the code in that area.

I did some recent research into submit handlers in various situations, and I think I can make it work better, and solve MOST of the compatibility issues it may or may not have with other modules that create custom node types with custom workflows.

The one issue I see OUTSIDE of this current problem is for multi-step node forms. I need to be doing some sort of check for current submit handlers, and the $storage information to see if something is trying to move forward to another step in a form. BUT that might be the case that whatever node type was using that type of a form would be disabled in the Save & Edit admin section... I dunno. needs more thought.

I will look further into the issue with the Support module when I get a moment here this weekend or during the upcoming week. Otherwise, I recommend if that is a user facing node type, to for now just disable the setting for that node type at admin/settings/save-edit


I went and checked the admin/settings/save-edit and found that the Support module was not included in the settings. Of course the setting was lost when I disabled the jobtrack version and enabled the new support module. Everything works fine, just as before. Sorry, about the alarm and thanks for the reminder to check the settings.


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As for Ubercart, it does not work : the button "save and edit" shows up even if you did not choose to have it. And this button works exactly as a "save" button.
If you chose to display it, two buttons appear (the right one, say "Alter" and a "save and continue" button that works as a save one).

Maybe I'll dig into that. I come back here if so.

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Oooops. Actually, I made a little mistake : it works perfectly with Ubercart, but Ubercart...has already the same feature! (I thought the button was displayed twice but it wasn't as the button came from the core of Ubercart).