I would like to know what is the current state of the multigroup module. After the 2 related issues (#196421: Deleting unwanted multiple values / multiple values delta issues and #119102: Combo field - group different fields into one) have been closed I don't know more about the status of this module.

I know from the issue queue that markus is going to keep the 3.x branch updated with the latest changes in the 2.x branch. Does this also mean that when a stable 3 version is going to come out we will have an update path from the 3.x one (that seems normal, but I just want to be sure)?

Also, it would be interesting to have some information about users that are using this module on live websites.

Thanks for your great work.


Speaking by myself...

For the moment, I think we cannot consider the 3.x branch anything stable, at least until the nested fieldgroups patch is rolled out, tested, validated, and committed. Once that happens, I'm not sure if there will be releases for the 3.x branch. But, I would say we all need this as stable as possible, and there will be no more additions to this branch. So, when the monster patches get in, I guess the 3.x branch could be considered as stable as the 2.x branch.

Creating stable releases for the 3.x branch may potentially depend on how stable 3.x is, how much time could require to deal with the impact of a more widely known new release of CCK, etc. Note I'm just guessing here. We still have the problem that D7 and Fields in core are getting closer, time passes quickly, CCK maintainers are pretty busy, etc.

All I can say is that I'll try to commit only code that has been tested, so that will trigger a new -dev snapshot, and we should try to not impact too much sites that may be running this branch, even if it is experimental. I think we all need this as stable as possible.

it would be interesting to have some information about users that are using this module on live websites.

You may want to look at the usage statistics for the 6.x-3.x-dev release available in the project usage page for CCK:


Thanks Markus!

I'll leave this issue open if that is oki with you (if not, just close it :) ). We can report back here our experience during the development of this module/branch.

Cheers !

Sure. No problem. :)

Actually, here's a couple of things we have in the todo list for CCK3 right now:

Edited to add the 3rd issue to the list. --- Edited again to add the 4th issue to the list. --- and I'll be editing so that we can easily follow the state of the multigroup, and where it is going.

Development snapshot: cck 6.x-3.x-dev


Am testing this module at the moment and it is fantastic! Can't see any problems with the way I am using it at the moment. Great work!!

Would like to use this on a production site within the next few weeks. Is the data structure looking quite solid at the moment? Does it look like there are there any parts of the dev version data structure that might need to change when this goes stable that might make a site built on the dev version incompatible?

Would it be better to use the multigroup module with the stable 2.x? Would that even work?

Thanks :)

@matt.nz #5: Nope. The multigroup module works only with 6.x-3.x. It requires a few changes to CCK core to be able to keep multiple values of fields in sync. In CCK2, an item in multiple valued field is removed when it is left empty. In CCK3, it is removed per user request. There's a new 'remove' button for multiple value fields, that's also used in multigroups.

The multigroup module manages multiple value field in unison, keeping delta values in sync. That means you may have something like:

field_a  field_b  field_c
-------  -------  -------
aaaaaaa  bbbbbbb  ccccccc
ddddddd  --       eeeeeee
fffffff  ggggggg  hhhhhhh

First values are delta 0, second values are delta 1, third value are delta 2.

Fields a and b are stored in the database with a record for each value, where deltas are 0, 1 and 2. This is the same in CCK2 and CCK3.

But Field_b is different. It contains a second value which is empty. It is its delta 1 and it doesn't exist in the database. For field_b, we have the following in the database:

delta=0, value=bbbbbbb
delta=2, value=ggggggg

Note here we have non-consecutive deltas (0 and 2, 1 is not stored in database). Well, this is a particularity of multigroups that needs specialized handling, which is implemented in CCK3 only. That's why the multigroups module is implemented on a separate experimental branch of CCK. More information about this can be found on the issue where this feature was born: #196421: Deleting unwanted multiple values / multiple values delta issues and, of course: #119102: Combo field - group different fields into one

With CCK3 you can move a field in and out a multigroup with no problem. Fields placed in multigroups are the same as outside multigroups. But when placed in multigroups, they inherit the "Number of repeats" option of multigroups.

As per the stability of CCK3... I would refer to my previous comments above. This is an "experimental" branch where there is still a bit more work to do. The data model should not change, though, and we all want this as stable as possible.

new24.89 KB

While testing this module, initially it worked fine. Later, I clicked "Add more value" button and got the following message:
"warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\wamp\www\F37\sites\all\modules\cck\modules\content_multigroup\content_multigroup.node_form.inc on line 702."

Can you please help me get rid of this?


@masudfz77: Please, open a separate issue with as much information as possible. We need to be able to reproduce the problem, otherwise it may be quite impossible to guess. Thanks


Subscribing with enormous gusto.

My status:
Currently, I'm using this on production site. However, I have to bend my design as it doesn't support multivalues per field. Up to now, no issues.

Category:support» feature

Hi guys

Thank you for this awesome component.. It saved me a whole lot of custom code.

I have a quick feature request and I apologize in advance if this has already been discussed.... Rather than display all of the rows in the field, I would like to add some JQuery to dynamically add/delete the rows of the grouping similar to this jQuery plugin example.


Any suggestions or feedback?


Category:feature» support

@gsvitak: Please, read #8 above.

Most of my projects involve using the multigroup module. Makes it easier than to write and maintain widgets written as modules. I'm using this on four production sites already.

It would have been great if this feature could have been part of the stable branch quite a while ago.

Keep up the good work.

Just was interested in a quick summary from Markus as to where things are at. My understanding was that the last big hurdle was getting nested fieldgroups into multigroups: it sounds like the nesting is pretty much working now, so is this coming soon? Once that's ready to go, is this ready for alpha or even beta versions? I'd like to start using this on a client's site, but I just wanted to make sure that it was ok to do that for a production site. I know you've stated that since many are using this on production sites, you don't want to make changes that will break those sites... just wanted a little extra reassurance before I take the plunge.

Thanks much for all your work. It is really and truly appreciated.



Uhm, it is my understanding that to use this feature one would have to get cck 3 from cvs. Am I correct?
If so, I was reading here that I would have to execute a cvs command something like this:

cvs -z6 -d:pserver:anonymous:anonymous@cvs.drupal.org:/cvs/drupal-contrib checkout -r <version tag> -d moduleName contributions/modules/moduleName

I would have to subtitute moduleName for cck. But I am not sure what I should put as version tag...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
(I have never used drupal cvs before.)


@zeno129: goto the CCK project page, and follow the link to all releases. You'll find one that is 6.x-3.x-dev. This is a development snapshot that's built automagically twice a day or so.

@zeno129: or use the handy CVS Instructions. You'll see that the command is cvs -z6 -d:pserver:anonymous:anonymous@cvs.drupal.org:/cvs/drupal-contrib checkout -d cck-DRUPAL-6--3 -r DRUPAL-6--3 contributions/modules/cck/

Or if you use drush, simply type:

drush dl cck-3.x-dev

from your command line.

Anyway, I'm planning to test this feature extensively in a project. It seems to me the best way to go. Will open any related issues (seperately) and link them here.

@askibinski: There's no need to link issues here. The CCK queue can be used to filter by version and/or component, and we added the multigroup as an issues component.

I think this issue where we are now is mostly a placeholder to host information about the big things that are already pending to do. Once these things are fixed, I think it will be time to close this issue and live with the features of the issues queue.

Thanks to everyone who replied so promptly! :)

I was able to do what I needed with markus_petrus' instructions. (...so I didn't use cvs in the end)

subscribing with gratitude

Just wanted to mention that we have a problem with Date fields, and there's a patch that needs testing:

- #522558: Date field jumps delta when date field is emptied or fieldset is deleted

Another issue that needs testing and feedback:

- #416154: Synchronized deltas Views integration: Filter on equal deltas in multigroups

Any input is much appreciated. Thanks :)





+1 subscribing-thanx for the great work







It looks really good!


Subscribing and testing with enthusiasm!

Is multigroup available in 7.x-2.x-dev release?

I'm currently focussed on D6 because this is what the project I'm working is based on.










I depend on the content_multigroup module and I'm quite upset that it was removed from the 2.x branch. This now means that on any of those sites I have built with that module, CCK can't be updated.

I have switched to using 3.x for a site I'm currently working on but I read that it shouldn't be considered stable. Maybe I should rip out the old content_multigroup module and keep it as a separate module, but then I wouldn't benefit from the ongoing work.

Is there any solution to my woes?

@psynaptic: When a commit is made to CCK3 branch, the development snapshot will be rebuilt during the next pick of the Drupal packaging crons. Since the .info files are updated with a new timestamp, this should be noticed by update status module. So you have a method to know when to update.

You can compare the new CHANGELOG.txt file with your current version of that file to see what's been changed/fixed. I may also advice to run update.php next to the changes that need it, but still, it is always a good idea to make back ups before and running update.php after updating any package in your Drupal installation.

I do my best in trying to keep this process as smooth as possible. That's all I can say. For more details, please read the first comments above, and follow the original threads where the multigroup module was born.

Subscribing. To everyone working on this: Thank you! I consider this one of the most important developments in drupal.

I agree. The multigroup is a wonderful CCK addition. :-)

I also agree. I am using this on a site that should go in production soon. It was either this or writing a whole lotta code myself. This code, although alpha, is probably better than what I would write. I sure do hope that D7 will have *some* kind of a solution for this (/me whispers: "and an upgrade path??")



@markus_petrux: Thanks. A couple of specific questions, if I may:

  1. Is CCK 3.x safe to use in production?
  2. When a feature or fix gets added to 2.x will it be added to 3.x too?
  3. Will 3.x eventually supersede 2.x?
  4. Do you recommend that I update production sites using CCK 2.x to CCK 3.x. Is this considered safe?

1. and 4. Please, refer to comment #1
2. All commits to CCK2 are also applied to CCK3.
3. I don't think so. Official stable releases of CCK will probbaly jump from CCK2 to Fields in D7.

5. Will multigroup module be ported to D7? Sure, but I cannot tell when it will be ported at this moment (I'm too busy now, still with D6 stuff). I don't think it will be in D7 core. It will probbaly live in contrib.

Thanks. :)



So, when the monster patches get in, I guess the 3.x branch could be considered as stable as the 2.x branch.

Its seems from a comment above that the monster patch (mentioned in comment #1, which was referring to fieldgroups) has been resolved. Is this the case, can i feel a bit more confident about this module now than back in June.

I know you can't say its stable - this is totally understandable.
Rather can you say exactly how unstable is it, perhaps on a scale of House of cards to Place you keep horses in

BTW amazing work on this and I/we massively appreciate it.

Having been using this module for few months, I would say its very close to being stable that is as long as you don't use node_save to update any nodes.
I have submitted a patch to solve the node_save issue: #596242: Content Multigroup node_save mixes up the delta's

If you are simply using the form to submit things etc i haven't noticed any issues with it.
Don't know if that helps you.



I'm just installed this on a test environment (although I had to take the module code from v2.3 as it's removed in 2.5).




installed multigroups and it works ok. looking forward to stable version as this is an important component to custom node forms.




Subscribing. This has potential to be added to Drupal 8 core, once a stable D7 contrib release is out.

Please, can somebody of you explain to me, what exactly will be multigroup cck (sub)module, and how it will be working?
how it could helps, what it will be doing better as current CCK?

thanks a lot

^igorik, currently cck allows grouping of fields (fieldgroup) as well as multiple values for a field. However it does not by default allow a group of fields to have multiple sets. The difference can be illustrated for example:

A person may have multiple addresses (home, office, etc.). You may then have the fields "street_address", "city", "country", "zip code" as a fieldgroup. Without multigroups the multiple setting for each field will yield something like:

street_address1, street_address2, ....
city1, city2, ....
country1, country2....
zip code1, zip code2....

It disregards the intended grouping. Multigroups on the other hand allows multiple instances of the same fieldgroup such that the meaningful grouping of the data set is preserved:

street_address1, city1, country1, zip code1
street_address2, city2, country2, zip code2


any aproximation on a RC or BETA relase date ? I'm very interested in thie multigroup feature. Thanks!

Very useful features offered by multigroup and I look forward to following/testing the development of this module.


Would like to note that I have now been using this module on a production site since June and have found it to be very solid. There was a small issue with the date module, but that has long been sorted and have had no major problems.

I have an old version of content_multigroup with
// $Id: content_multigroup.module,v 2008/10/22 11:02:41 yched Exp $

Now, everything was working fine till i realized i need to patch it to make it work for panels3.

Reading more onto multigroup3, i see that the development has been completely migrated to cck 6-3 and the content_multigroup for cck 2 does not have anything in it.

1. can i use the CCK3-dev's content_multigroup with cck 2?
if no
2. How do i get the last version of content_multigroup for cck-2 and apply the patch as mentioned in #495582: Panels integration for multigroups ?

Hi all,

I would like to mention that I'm planning to spend the next week in fixing a few pending issues with the multigroup.

Here's a couple of issues that have already been committed to CVS:
- #618910: Multigroup filter fails when using relationship
- #544542: Allow subgroup fieldsets in a multigroup to be collapsible

Here's one that needs review: #577580: Multigroup fields with empty values loose their ordering when saved via node_save <-- Please, help testing.

Note that CCK3 is being used by more than 4000 sites already (see usage stats), so help on testing this is much appreciatted.

Once that one is reviewed and committed, then I plan to spend some time on the following:

- #538458: Do not allow to change the widget type for fields in multigroups when the change is not compatible
- #577590: Multigroup 'Required' status confusion
- #522564: Ignore empty groups on node submit

I hope that multigroup will not be a problem for sites using CCK3 when updating to D7.

Re: "I hope that multigroup will not be a problem for sites using CCK3 when updating to D7."

Honestly, I haven't had the time to check, so I cannot really tell if D7 is ready for the multigroup. I hope, but I'm not 100% sure either. I'm also 100% focussed on D6, so I haven't had the time to follow Fields in core. I cannot do it all. I guess help is needed in one way or another to ensure that's not just a wish we all have.

I believe the best to do is ask in the Drupal queue, Fields component, about it.

Needs testing: #577580: Multigroup fields with empty values loose their ordering when saved via node_save

Title:State of the multigroup moduleLove the module, new issues however

I have a Drupal 6.12 site, and I'm usuing a highly modified blackout theme. I have CCK 3.x from November 4 and View 3.x from November 2.
On the 28th of October I upgraded the Devel module to latest stable, Panel to panels 3, Finder, Link, ImageCache, Fivestar. All my modules are up to date for stable releases. Since the Oct. 28 update, now when I try to add entry to a multigroup, the box area disappears (although you can see the code in source view). If I click to save when this happens, all the values are deleted. Just wondering what might be causing this.

Otherwise, this module since I've been using it in July has worked great, and I've had no issues at all until now. Great work, and I cannot thank the developers enough.

Title:Love the module, new issues howeverState of the multigroup module

@irishblood55 Please post a new issue for this in the queue. This is a meta issue about the state of the content_multigroup module.

Thank you



Multigroup is exactly what I wished for when I first used CCK/Drupal. Thank you!

With more than 5000 installations running already I wonder how many it would be if it wasn't hidden so well.
I really wonder why there is no direct link to 6.x-3.x-dev in the "Development snapshots" section of the CCK module page...?



voelklflo +1, I think 3.x branch should be shown on project frontpage




I need a module like this. Looking forward to future developments.

@wombat: maybe you can use this one if you are in a hurry http://drupal.org/project/content_multigroup

Ugh, I didn't know a separate fork of Content Multigroup was published. That's too bad, IMHO. That's going to cause a lot of confusion.

Also, please monitor this issue: [#644646]

mostly just subscribing so i can keep up..

had some version of cck (it doesn't list in Available Updates); but just added a noderef field that pulls values from a view - titles didnt show - tracked it down to old cck - so updated to Content Construction Kit (CCK) 6.x-2.6.

but, turns out i had a "special" version of cck which supported nested multigroups - so now that's gone. From skimming this it sounds as though that won't be available until cck 3.x and not yet... so i think this means i need to go back to my patched version of cck and look at back-porting noderef fix?

ok, ugly "hack" for now.. i simply rethemed the noderef selector to add the title back in

hopefully cck with all its wonderful new bits will be in place soon.. :)



Subscribing. Great stuff. Thanks!!!


Subscribing. Love it!


What is left to be resolved before there is a stable version of CCK 3.0?


I'm using this module on a website that I'm just getting started with. So far, so good. If it starts flaking out, I'll be ready to go back to 2.x, but I hope not. That multigroup option is GREAT!








Ok, I'm taking the plunge and using this on a brand new project. We'll see if I'm crazy or not. Multigroups are just too flippin' important.

Anyone interested on releasing a patch for the 6.x-2.x to ad the Field removal feature to 6.x-2.x ? I think it's possible but i will need another pair of eyes on this.

I've got this going on a production site. If it would be helpful to the maintainers to see any details of the site, please contact me, and I'll hook you up.


I'm already using on an internal production site. Looking forward to seeing this moved to stable. Great work.

where can i download the latest version of multigroup?

The multigroup module is part of the CCK 6.x-3.x-dev module. So you need to download this CCK version.

Hi everyone,

i have the CCK3 dev version and i am trying to put the mutligroup under a normal fieldset. It does not work but i've read several posts telling that it is possible...
Anyone to help me on this issue ?

Thanks !

Hi, Sophie!

Post this in the forums and I'll help you there.


hi tomsm,
Thanks for your info. I see that it is in the CVS repository.
How about posting it under Development releases at the module´s frontpage?
Would be easier to download and possibly generate more community feedback.

I can bet I saw a 3.1-alpha release on the front page of CCK like 3 or 4 days ago. But it was taken out as i can see. Anyhow it seems like the guys wants to build some suspense on us:))

ok Eric, in which forum exactly ? Thanks anyway

I'm also using this version on an internal production site and it's working just fine. Thanks for the great job.

Hi everyone,

For a status update on CCK multigroups (including why there isn't a stable 6.x-3.x release) and discussion of a possible port to Drupal 7, please see the following thread:


As you'll read in that thread, markus_petrux has been carrying the ball on CCK multigroups for quite a while now (doing an amazing job!), but due to time constraints he really needs others in the community to do the coding necessary for a D7 port. Otherwise, the content multigroups feature might not make it to D7.









side note: Would anyone familiar with multigroup structure be able to help with Conditional Fields integration with multigroup at #357506: Compatibility with CCK 3x multigroup?
I hope that someone here will be able to help. thanks!

That would be awsome...unfortunatelly i've just started to drill in the CCK 3.x and i'm far from fully understand it.

Hey guys just an update on multigroup testing.

It saves fine, the only problem I've seen so far is that when querying these fields in views the results come in one table line only (same for grids and html list).
Let's say I have the following fields in the multigroup:

User Trainings (Multigroup)
- Traning Name (text)
- Traning Date (date)
- Traning School (text)
It should return this:
| Traning Name | Traning Date | Traning School |
| PHP | 01/01/2010 | Schooname |
| PHP1 | 02/02/2010 | Schooname1 |
| PHP2 | 03/03/2010 | Schooname2 |
| PHP3 | 04/04/2010 | Schooname3 |
| PHP4 | 05/05/2010 | Schooname4 |

but return this:
| Traning Name | Traning Date | Traning School |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| PHP | 01/01/2010 | Schooname |
| PHP1 | 02/02/2010 | Schooname1 |
| PHP2 | 03/03/2010 | Schooname2 |
| PHP3 | 04/04/2010 | Schooname3 |
| PHP4 | 05/05/2010 | Schooname4 |

Maybe I'm doing something wrong... :S
Has anybody else had the same problem?

PS.: Tested with Views 6.x.2.8 and 6.x-3.0-alpha2

new41.22 KB

Screenshot of the view with Views 6.x-3.0-alpha2

new559.12 KB

Another screenshot of the view with Views 6.x-2.8
Remembering: It shows fine on the node page... but on views it does crazy things :P

new125.43 KB

Image on last comment wasn't working:


update on multigroup testing:
I am using it for a while and experienced no problems so far.

But I would (desperately) love to see a drag an drop feature (add Weights) to reorder the multiple entries :)

@yanku, I believe that feature is already in #300084: Nested fieldgroup




Title:State of the multigroup moduleSupport for Content profile


As I posted in the following issue, CCK3 does not appear to work with content profile on user registration. Any one have some suggestions?



Title:Support for Content profileState of the multigroup module


Title:State of the multigroup modulesubscribe


Title:subscribeState of the multigroup module



Thanks to markus_petrux and others who have been working hard at this.

Judging from the number of subscriptions, this addition will assist a lot of people. I'm going to take a look at 3.x, but wanted to point some users to another option. http://drupal.org/project/advanced_text allows a text widget to be divided in text blocks and separators. Unfortunately, at this point, all of the submissions must be the same number of characters. Clearly Multigroup will end up being a much more robust solution.

I hope I'm not offending anyone by highlighting another module, I'm just trying to help anybody who would benefit. Thanks for all your hard work, Multigroup looks great! -NP





subscribe; good luck!

I'm having some trouble tracking down the most current version of the Multigroup module. I understand it's still in development but I'd like to download it and try it out. Can anyone provide a link?

Nevermind, I found the link: http://drupal.org/node/484068


How is the multigroup module looking? Ive looked at csv repo and it looks like there hasnt been any work for few months now?

General timeframe? Is this going to happen in 2010?

I desperately need a stable version of the Multigroups module. Can someone in the dev team please provide some kind of time frame for the release? I don't need a specific date (obviously), just an indication - this year, next 6 months, etc. Thanks :-)

As has been stated above, a stable release of CCK 3.x would lead to people upgrading from CCK 2.x to CCK 3.x which is not recommended and should be avoided unless you need the specific features of CCK 3.x. Therefore (I'm just guessing here, this isn't actually my decision), there will be no stable release of CCK 3.x at least until there is a stable upgrade from CCK2.x to Drupal 7 Field API. I would guess (but of course, you never know, and I think at this point, there is noone who really knows) that 'this year' is a rather safe bet.

[deleted previous comment -- will add to support forum instead... - GH]

@GreyHawk please do not abuse this issue with support requests. This is the place of the general discussion of the module's fate.

Keep up the great work Markus! :)

Does somebody know if there is a multigroup in D7 fields api ?


There is no multigroup in D7


We are proud to announce the stable version of Multigroup module.

And this is not all. Stable CCK-6.x.3.0 is almost ready and you can test it asap.
Will be uploaded to drupal.org after official confirmation and checking but for now you can go and download it here:


Leave your feedback and all the issues about multigroup right here.
Will create new thread for that one after uploading stable version to drupal.org.


I don't know what is going on with the above comment, but I don't know who benone is, it is not a CCK committer, certainly not anyone qualified to say whether or not any version of CCK is stable, and the gbailes.com website is not a Drupal site. If you're genuine, benone, you need to explain yourself. If you don't, I'm going to remove your comment.

Does the date of the post tell you anything?
(it's 2 where I live, but I let it count)


#176 is just an Aprils Fools' joke, although not very funny (and posted on April 2 in my time zone). It's just a html file saying "PRIMA APRILIS!" and then Google Analytics code to track who opens it (if you open it in a web browser).

Hello, Karen and all who found my last post not very funny - forgive me.
Yeah it was Prima Aprilis joke, nothing more. :) I found them in many places on the Web yesterday, even on Google :), so I wanted to create one also in our community. Delete it if you believe its not a right place for this kind of jokes.
I will try to find out something more funny next year :).

Sorry benone, yeah good joke, you fooled me :)

I just got spooked about the link to a weird non-Drupal website, worried about what might actually be in that file.

benone: not funny!

ivanjaros: i know. i'm awaiting this release also. :P

Subscribing. This is very exciting! Keep up the excellent work.


+1. any update?


CCK 3 not compatible with Node Insert.
After I updated the node insert module doesn't insert anything in the pages

While working with nested fieldgroups and porting it to CCK 2, I also ended up porting multigroups to CCK 2.

I have had very few to no problems with multigroups under CCK-2, but I am only one test case.

I believe that you might be able to test multigroups under CCK-2 to see if multigroups is stable there.

If multigroups works better under CCK-2 than CCK-3 then this would imply that the multigroups module is not what the problem is, but instead the problem would be CCK-3.
In other words, I am wondering if the multigroups module is stable while CCK-3 is not stable.
If this turns out true, after multiple test-cases, then this should merit bringing multigroups into CCK-2.

What is most interesting is that porting multigroups to CCK-2 is no more difficult than a copy and paste of the multigroup module.
No code alterations were necessary.

I do not think a separate branch for CCK was created (CCK3) for no reason...

Please, read this thread: #416154: Synchronized deltas Views integration: Filter on equal deltas in multigroups


So, I did a recursive diff between the current CCK-2 and the CCK-3 dev release here: http://drupal.org/node/484068

It seems there are very few differences between CCK-2 and CCK-3.

Does this mean that, CCK-3 is nothing more than CCK-2 with multigroup support?

If this is the case, then I guess this means that CCK-3 bugs _are_ multigroup bugs.

This post here did a great job in explaining the situation without having to jump around between issues: http://drupal.org/node/690140#comment-2804024


It seems 6x 3 dev was removed from the development releases on the cck front page.

Perhaps Multigroup should be a separate module for now until it stabilizes.

I have noticed that CCK3 is already used on production sites that needed the multigroup feature.
So if multigroup becomes a separate module for drupal 6 (and 7), it needs to provide an upgrade path for 6x-3.x-dev.

subscribing... I'm testing CCK3 and multigroup locally for a site in development. So far, no problems, but it's a relatively simple site so there isn't much potential for conflict. Multigroup is a BEAUTIFUL addition to CCK.

I noticed FlexiField is quite close to Multigroup. Went with that until the dust settles with Multigroup.



Just changed from flexifield to multigroup, using it on a development server with lots of other modules. Should prove interesting.

Hey Ben,

the linked snapshot of cck3 seems dead.
(Where) is there a current version to test?
Can you tell us when there'll be a 6.x-3.x dev-branch in cvs?
can't wait to test the new multigroup feature...!

cheers and thank,


I think you are supposed to find it under View All Releases. It was last updated early this year so you have to scroll a bit:



Maybe this thing could be useful for multigroup (or for alternative modules that try to do the same):


is there a way to use the multigroup feature in CCK 2.6?

@DrupalCuckoo: Nope, CCK3.x introduced changes to CCK core specifically to allow for a solid implementation of Multigroup.

Subscribing (I hope. My first subscribe.)


Hmm, that makes me really sad :(. This functionality (multigroup) would help me in so many ways and it's so easy to set up but I don't want to use unstable code on a clients page that possibly will become quite big.

What's needed to develop a module with only this functionality (any hints which API functions are needed)?

I want to do this --> http://groups.drupal.org/node/48148

I've tried solving my problem (see link) by using node reference, node relationship and views modules but it's not user friendly at all and complicated to implement.

Any help?



CCK3.x is just as stable as CCK2.x. It is marked as developmental simply because you should in no way whatsoever install it, UNLESS you specifically need the Multigroup feature. markus_petrux, the maintainer of CCK3.x, is himself using it in production and he has, to my knowledge, so far done a spectacular job of keeping CCK3.x stable and only committing things if they are needed, so as to not make the development snapshot be updated every other day.



I try to use the multigroup / CCK3 module. However I get some unwanted results. When I want to view the node, data has disappeared.

I will show you an example.

I have created the following contenttype:

Group1 group_1 Multigroup
Test1 field_test1 Text

So I have a content type with a multigroup in it. The multigroup contains a textfield.

I create a new instance. where I enter text in three fields (see screenshot)


When I view the node, the data dissappeared. I see an empty node. Funny detail is, the first time I created a node with this contenttype the data shows up, but when I edit the node the data is gone.

Any ideas?

@pvanerk: Please open a new issue for your problem. This issue is already long enough :). Thanks!

Hey, that's a great idea :-)

I subscribed to this a few days ago in an attempt to gather my thoughts on whether or not to install this module on my production site. I've looked at all the options I've been able to find including flexifield and tried to determine what will prove the best choice in the long run. I absolutely have to implement a multigroup module within the next couple of weeks, and it sounds like no final decisions are going to be made soon as to CCK Multi's fate. But I just wanted to say that I've chosen CCK Multigroup because CCK has proven to be one of the most stable and long-running modules available (not to mention the multigroup feature is amazing and the integration with views is near perfect). I am hoping that CCK developers will continue to provide support to their users and ultimately that will end up with an upgrade path to D7 for this piece. You all do incredible work and I am very appreciate of everything you've put into making this feature happen. Keep it up!

Hi. I have entered an issue here: http://drupal.org/node/795970

But has anyone come across a situation where the 'Add "Existing field"' section disappears when using multigroup in a CCK form?






ive just updated cck2 to cck3 for multigroup and so far its working great, jut as expected. :D yay!!

What is the current plan for cck3? It still seems rather unofficial since it is not mentioned or listed on the cck project page. Can we expect cck3 with multigroup to become "the cck"? I am currently having problems with the restriction that not allows changing widget from select list to autocomplete for a multigroup field, why I am considering which path to take with this, to stick with cck3-dev or...

@lejonsson: Please read the above comments for more info.
Short answer: No, CCK3 will not become THE CCK. Field API in D7 is now THE CKK. There will be an upgrade path from CCK2 to D7 and then at some point in time from CCK3 to D7. No one will be lost in a dead-end, but it might take some time.

Does anyone know information about downgrading from CCK3 to CCK2 on a website that currently has CCK3 and has already created a multigroup for testing but deleted it? Such as things I need to do to clean up the database of old tables due to CCK3 etc? #791256: downgrade from CCK3 to CCK2

From #224, I would like to be able to be on CCK2 and jump to D7 earlier if possible.


Subscribing. This scratches a big itch (obviously!).


I there has been a bug found with the nested fieldgroups + multigroup patches mentioned here:
and was thought to be solved here:

This may be a multigroup bug or not, but the solution for it requires a patch to multigroup and not fieldgroup.
I have no clue how that patch works for non-nested-fieldgroups-patched fieldgroups module.

Thanks, that answered my concerns!


*Ignore, just learned about the "Content Multigroup" filter in views, works great!*

Anyone have any ideas on http://drupal.org/node/819122? This seems to be a pretty common use-case in our cck3-using projects thus far.

819122 distilled: Ideally, there would be a way to generate a row for views per cck-multigroup. Right now, if I turn off grouping on all fields in a multigroup, I get an explosion of results, basically all possible combinations of all fields in the multigroup.


As for the future of CCK 3 (i.e. multigroups), it appears the topic will be continued here:


Should we close this issue?

As for the future of CCK 3 (i.e. multigroups), it appears the topic will be continued here:


Should we close this issue?

That issue is about fieldgroup, which has been in stable CCK since 2007 (I think), but has not been ported to D7 yet.


There will be an upgrade path from CCK2 to D7 and then at some point in time from CCK3 to D7. No one will be lost in a dead-end, but it might take some time.

I've been hearing things from other dedicated Drupallers that doubt multigroup will be ported to D7, no upgrade path and that we'll be left stranded there.

Having said that, what makes you so certain about this?


I'm turning bold, taking all my hair out.

I also have the issue of multigroup only saves the first "group" of values.

I'm this node I have a group, with 3 fields inside. The first a simple text with the select widget, the two ohters are time fields, with time widget. Group settings require at least one, and are of "unlimited" number.

When I insert values, all is nice.
When they are saved, all groups appear, but only the first set of data and the text field of the other sets are saved.

Already applied all patches available, including nested groups, but I just cant save the data.
And it worked before.

What can be done?



Sheesh, this module is sooooo important, yet still only in dev state :(
How much would cost to get it done?

Great! Testing CCK3 works fine. Will be report if found any bugs, so far no bug.

For those who want to install CCK3 then just install Plugin Manager module, Plugin Manager can install CCK3 (6.x-3.x-dev) even not listed on http://drupal.org/project/cck

@bmateus: please open new thread, so we can help you more specific.

Category:support» feature

Hey there!
Would also be cool to allow (via checkbox) the field to come just with the description and the "Add another field" but no fields.

@bmateus Are you running Quercus, because on Quercus there are some issues with the Content Multi Group.

So when CCK was updated to 2.7, did those patches also get incorporated into 3.x-dev?


@mdrummond Yes.




Category:feature» support

i am 250th in this issue and i want to ask very simple and short question:
is it possible to upgrade from 2x + multigroup ligament to the third version of the conservation already created materials?

Category:support» feature

@ionmedia: This issue remains a feature request, even if your individual comment is just a request for support. Thanks.

There seems to be a bug where re-ordering rows in a multigroup does not save when submitted.
Does anyone else have or not have this bug?

In reponse to #252 - I have seen this sometimes. Not consistent as it works for one multigroup and not another... Also because I have a multigroup within a standard group using nested patch, can't tell what is causing it.

- the multigroup that works on all have Text fields.
- the multigroup that does not work has Text, Date, UserReference drop-down. So maybe that's the cause.

new33.95 KB
new27.76 KB

Vertical_Tabs v6.x-1.0-rc1, CCK v6.x-3.x-dev datestamp 1278806576 (i.e. August 4th, 2010), VT_Defaults v6.x-1.0-rc3, Panany theme v6.x-0.x-dev datestamp 1278835232 (i.e. July 11th, 2010).

I've discovered a small glitch using the patch from #31 - when the page displays first and I switch to the correct tab there's a DOM glitch that shows an empty DIV *above* the fields, as can be seen in cck-n494100-glitch_1.png. When you click on the "Add another item" button/link it changes to cck-n494100-glitch_2.png which has a nested fieldset. The node saves correctly and displays correctly, and when you re-edit the node the data is still there, but now it lists the two existing child fields below the visual glitch.

@damienmckenna: I can't tell exactly from your description/screenshots, but is that similar to #656580: Fields with #prefix and #suffix fail miserably with vertical tabs?

how to enable multigroup in cck-3x?


In reponse to #256 -
Copy the module to your module directory.
Go to: ?q=admin/build/modules
And check the box next to Content Multigroup.
Make a new CCK group in your content type and select multigroup instead of standard group.

See the readme of CCK 3 for more information


thanks, it's work fine

and another trouble: i want to fill via rule miltigrouped fields

now we can do only filing simple fields in a node, but how add data via rules to new row, now we have filling only existing 1st row

subscribing... seems like it is taking forever for this to finally come about.

Definitely subscribing...







is it safe to say that multiple values of fields in a multigroup is not supported?


@liquidcms: yes it is not supported nor will it be unless rewritten or extended properly. What I did for a work around is created a custom module that would use a single value option list as a CCK placeholder and used a custom table to store the values

1) Intercepted the display of single value options to pull from a custom database table

function application_elements() {
  $type['optionwidgets_buttons']['#process'][] = 'application_make_checkboxes';
  return $type;

2) Save the results in the custom database table on form submission

function application_form_post_submit(&$form, &$form_state) {
  //stores in database

OK, I have a client that badly needs this so I'm now on the hook to try to make sure it works and also that there is an upgrade path. I will be working on this in the near future so I will be looking for patches that others have already tested as a starting point. Don't take that as a 'promise' that this will get committed, but as a promise that I will be making every effort to get it working well enough to release.

And yes to one of the comments above, something that cannot be supported is for any of the individual fields in the group to have multiple values of its own. The method used to make multigroup work will just not stretch that far. Each field must have the same number of values for each collective 'instance', i.e. if you have an 'address' multigroup with two textfields and a text selection widget, there must be exactly one of each of those items in each multigroup 'field'. There might be ways to work around that, as noted in #271, but I don't have time to support that kind of thing, you'll be on your own for that most likely.

I have also always said that there may be some kinds of fields that will just not work in a multigroup, it may need to be limited to the fields that we know *will* work. I don't plan to make a herculean effort to get single one of the 400+ (or whatever it is) kinds of CCK fields working in multigroup.

And I probably won't be addressing things like Rules integration. The intention is not that this be a solution for every single problem, but that it will at least solve many of the most common kinds of problems, where you just need to 'snap' together a couple simple fields and have them behave as one.

KarenS: Are you familiar with http://drupal.org/project/fieldentity?

I use CCK3 multigroup on a live site. So #272 is great news ;-).

I 'd like to help testing.

Is there still an intention to maintain update parity between CCK3 and CCK2, as stated above? It looks like there have been five releases of CCK2 since the last CCK3-dev release. I was wondering when those patches might find there way into CCK3?

@jstoller, every CCK2 patch has been applied to CCK3, we have double-checked that a couple times now. The only differences are related to multigroup.

My mistake. I was confused by the post for cck-6.x-3.x-dev, which is dated June 6, but I now see that post was updated on August 25.


subscribing... I have multigroup lust :P


The problem with multigroups is that is has two conflicting major use cases.

The first case is the one that the developers originally intended (Or so I suspect).
With this case, a multigroup is simply a way to manage multi-valued fields that are grouped together.
In the database this means that each field is a multi-valued field but is independent of the other fields.

The second use case is that of a multigroup being a way to manage multiple fields as if they were a single field.
Unlike the first case, this would mean each field is not a multi-valued field, but instead multiple single valued fields.
In the database this would mean that each field is a single (or multi-valued) field as a subset to some fieldgroup.
This is what people are asking for when they want nested multigroups (that is multiple multigroups of single valued fields).
This also would allow for having multi-valued field as a single field inside of a single multigroup field row. (like having a multi-select list inside of each multigroup row)

The problem here is that it seems like the second case is what most people think when they see multigroups and the current design is for the first case.

I would like to suggest that instead of trying to tackle these two separate issues as if they were one, that you instead split this into two separate projects.
This should help with making an upgrade path easier by lowering the number of possible states.

An alternative example to the first case is: http://drupal.org/project/multicrud
An alternative example to the second case may be this: http://drupal.org/project/fieldentity (but this description is rather short and I am not sure I am interpreting it correctly).

From a user-friendliness standpoint, using a fieldgroup to do what those modules sort of do is easier and this may be why multigroups is so popular.

As a side note, both of those alternative modules are also very new and I myself have not used or tested either of them.

Well my use-case falls into the first category, I think: I want to have nodereferences with annotations.

Our _many_ use-cases (some on production intranets) fall under the first category - Mostly just multiple instances of "something" in a node, with each instance having multiple "parameters". At this point, cck3 multigroup handles this much cleaner (client-facing cleanliness, at least) than any other methods - mostly noderef-based...

There is also a third use-case which I use in production, unless its already covered i.e. first use-case above in #281, but within nested fieldgroups. This is because user wants to group many fields, multigroups, and standard groups, together under one logical heading. Note that in this scenario, the multigroups can have multivalues (first use-case), but grouped using nested fields. Hence this enables sub-sections within a form or screen.


Hi, I was just wondering how safe it is to use the 3.x dev branch on production sites, since the branch has not been updated for over a year? I need the multigroup functionality but was hesitant to download it...


since the branch has not been updated for over a year?

about which branch are you actually talking?

you can get CCK 6.x-3.x dev here: http://drupal.org/node/484068 and it clearly says: Last updated: August 26, 2010. Since today it's the 10 September 2010, it's been last updated just about 2 weeks ago.

To answer your actual question of whether or not it's save to use. I'd honestly say, for somebody that can read the documentation and the comments here, as well as find the most recent version of CCK 3, it's pretty save to use. Anybody else shouldn't really bother.

I admit, it's a lot to read, and I dare try and provide you with a summary as I might miss important info, but it's all there in this issue queue and some related ones.


How to optain latest CCK version?
1. just install http://drupal.org/project/plugin_manager then you will get the latest version as @tdimg said
2. Open http://drupal.org/project/cck then click "View all releases" you will see lot of releases, just find 6.x-3.x-dev.

IMPORTANT: on above page "June 7, 2009 - 07:14" is the date of created node, NOT the latest date of CCK 6.x-3.x-dev (that is why you said over 1 year no update). You must open the link (http://drupal.org/node/484068), or extract the module then look at cck.info datestamp = "1282781058" this mean Thu, 26 Aug 2010 00:04:18 GMT

Does CCK 6.x-3.x-dev safe to use?
If you understand the source code of CCk then it is safe, because you can fixed any damaged caused by new version, otherwise wait until stable. But, as markus_petrux said the data model has been stable then IMO it is safe.
What you must to do is create a full backup before upgrade from any releases.

#281 just confused me.

Lets say I have the grouping of fields needed for a mailing address (street, apartment number, city, state, zip and maybe a classification, like home or work). That's maybe six or seven different fields, but I want them treated as one logical unit. Basically, I want to be able to add an arbitrary number of address instances to a node, in the same way you can now add an arbitrary number of text field instances to a node. Some people may have one address and some may have five, but you don't know until the node is created. Now, going back to #281, is this use case one or two? I thought this is what the multigroup module was for. am I wrong?

Yes You are right.. may bad I was looking at the wrong date..

Thanks a lot for the info.

Sounds to me like case #1.

Sorry #238. In #381 I was trying to explain how the way in which the design internals (the database tables) intefere with how people may be thinking of this module.
I can try again.
This time focusing only on the database table structure part that is relevant.

Lets say we have two fields: Name and Favorite Foods.
Name is a text field and Favorite Foods is a select list of possible food choices with the ability to select as many as desired.

When not using a multigroup, the database structure would be somewhere along the lines:

[ Name Data A ] [ Food Data 0 (Steak) ]
                [ Food Data 1 (Apple) ]
                [ Food Data 2 (Bread) ]
                . . .

When multigroup comes into play, it turns into the following:

[ Name Data A ] [ Food Data 0 (Steak) ]
[ Name Data B ] [ Food Data 1 (Apple) ]
[ Name Data C ] [ Food Data 2 (Bread) ]
                . . .

From a user perspective what this means is:
In the first case, user Bob puts in "Bob", and selects "Apple" and "Bread"
In the second case, user "Bob" puts in.. wait.. He can only select 1 thing now because he was only 1 row available (Food Data 0), therefore he is forced to have either Steak or not Steak.
The second person, say "Sam" could only choose apple or not apple.

Here is how a multigroup work if I used the second case from #281:

[ Name Data A ] [ Food Data 0 (Steak) ]
                [ Food Data 1 (Apple) ]
                [ Food Data 2 (Bread) ]
                . . .
[ Name Data B ] [ Food Data 0 (Steak) ]
                [ Food Data 1 (Apple) ]
                [ Food Data 2 (Bread) ]
                . . .
[ Name Data C ] [ Food Data 0 (Steak) ]
                [ Food Data 1 (Apple) ]
                [ Food Data 2 (Bread) ]
                . . .

In this case, "Bob" can select whatever he wants and "Sam" can select whatever he wants.
But this is impossible with the current multigroup design.

Ahh. That makes a little more sense now. So you're saying that any field inside a multi-group is limited to one instance of itself per group instance. Yes?

Something like that, yes.

Well, so long as you keep in mind that each instance of a field can have multiple values.

For each multigroup only one instance of a field exists.
For each multigroup row, one row represents one of the multiple value slots of a single field instance.



Any thoughts on if a multigroups version for d7 will be developed? It's a shame it couldn't get into core, because in a lot of use cases, the ability to create multigroups is pretty essential. That said, I have a couple sites that need multigroups, and eventually, I'd like to transition them to d7.

I intend to do something such as this in Drupal 7 (whether people accept my work or not is another question entirely.).

But first: http://drupal.org/node/690140
More specifically: http://drupal.org/node/690140#comment-3470000

Chx is asking for help getting this step done first before multigroups can be implemented.