XML Sitemap is indeed working, but it is generating the URLs in the sitemap using my site's IP address rather than the domain name.

http://www.capa.org/sitemap.xml should make it clear what I mean.

I'm sure its vhost related. Any thoughts?


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I don't know what you mean?

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Maybe he seeing the IP associated with his site, for some reasons.

@ericdfields: Do you use the IP to access your web site, or are there particular rules that applies to you when you connect to your web site?

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Thanks for getting back to me so fast @earnie. I fiddled around in the sitemaps configuration tools in drupal and was pretty sure I did no major changes, but It seems to have fixed itself. Before it would show like so:


This issue is resolved for now.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I am seeing the same thing with 6.x-1.0-rc2.

Left to it's own devices, when I check the sitemap, it shows the URL's by IP instead of by my domain. If I go in and using the tools tab, delete the cache files, it then rebuilds with the domain name.

However, the next time I check it, a few days later, it's always back to showing no domain name, only the IP.

I just rebuilt, so it's showing normal again, but I will post up here again with more detail, the next time I spot it in this state.

The problem being, of course, Google declines to accept URL's in the IP format, showing an error in the Webmaster Tools.

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How do you run your cron? Have you set $base_url as described in settings.php? This issue is not related to xmlsitemap and is therefore a support request.

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Moving to 6.x-1.x-dev for continued visibility.

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This is a $base_url problem that needs to be corrected in your site's settings.php. Closing this issue.

I had the same problem with one of my sites. When the site map was generated using the admin interface everything worked correctly. The issue only occurred when cron was run and all urls used the site IP address rather than the domain name. I tracked this down to the cron command, setup whilst the site was still in development, which was using the IP rather than the domain.

Incorrect cron command

/usr/bin/lynx -source

Corrected cron command

/usr/bin/lynx -source http://www.mydomain.com/cron.php