First, thank you, thank you, thank you for this module! I've been banging my head against the keyboard for days trying to figure out how to create what you call a "backreference" view, trying all of the other similar modules with no luck. This Node Relationships gave me exactly what I needed very easily. Very intuitively designed - well done!

I have one tiny problem. I'm customizing my backreference_view to something other than a table, and trying to remove the label "Title:" that appears before the node title. Normally this is something I can do in views, and have been able to do so on all other fields I've configured for this view. But for some reason, the "Title" label won't go away. Is this hard-coded somewhere in your module?

Thanks again - this module has saved me! I look forward to exploring it more fully.

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hmm... there is code used to dynamically customize the view, so it's easier to reuse the same view for different back references. Since the title and body labels can be modified from the content type settings form, there's code that tries to use that definition.

Here's a patch that applies these changes only for the default view, and only if it has not been overridden. I hope this may work better this way?

Marking the issue as "bug report" as my intention was to allow full customization of this kind of things.

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Someone else here at the office helped me to test the patch. It seems to do the trick, so committed to CVS. Thanks

This patch worked for me - thanks!

This patch worked for me - thanks!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.