hmm... we need to find a way to dynamically generate indexes to optimize back references views.

We should do this using cron, or batch API, so we don't lock the user interface at any time just for this. Indexes don't need to be created interactively.


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Ahah! I've found an issue in the CCK queue that would be perfect here.

- #231453: Allow indexing columns

If that was implemented, that would be really great. Isn't it?

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Let me re-open so it is more visible.

Anyone interested in this feature, please chime in. Please, test the patch in the CCK queue and provide feedback so we know it works, and then it can be committed. Thank you.

- #231453: Allow indexing columns

Title:Optimize back references views with dynamically generated indexesOptimize back references views with index for reference field

Better title, more accurate...

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This feature is now included in CCK itself (see previously mentioned CCK issue). It should be available in the next development snapshot.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.