Hi there my zen menu tabs dissapear as soon as I enable Menu Icons module, I see that the tag is removed from my links. How can I get around this?


Title:Zen tabs dissapearI'm experiencing this also

This module really looks like what I would like to use but I'm experiencing the loss of the tabs in my Zen sub-theme. Any progress on this bug(?) would be appreciated, Dave

Title:I'm experiencing this alsoZen tabs disappears

Sorry for changing the title, my bad

Does this mean we can expect a fix soon? :)

@DickSwart: What do you mean by 'I see that the tag is removed from my links'? Did you mean the menu item's class?

Yes, the class, sorry.

Title:Zen tabs disappears Zen menu item's class disappears

I thought I was having this problem with the zen theme until I realized that there was the "Use an icon"-checkbox that needed to be checked:

What is even more embarasing is that I have even used this module before where I remembered to check that box. Perhaps it is easy to overlook that checkbox? How about reversing the order of the fields like this:

Screenshot of suggestion:

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.