I was wondering if it would be possible to make flow charts/organization charts using this module?


mee too ;)

me too Any clue

Same question here.

You can maybe integrate Graphviz in Charts? http://drupal.org/project/graphviz_filter

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I have made a views plugin for organizational charts.
This way it is possoble to drag/drop the users in the correct hierarchy.
The output is taken care of by the following google code:
Where/how do i commit this code?

For drag and drop you make a different page like drupal menu module. Make it sense.?

@ drupal_sensei #5:
Great! Did it work out, and are you able to share your code? Very interesting!

Hey Yuri,

Download it from github. https://github.com/wouters-frederik/google_organigram

  • Theres a dependency with the draggable views module.
    That's because there is an interface there, where you can drag people(objects) in the right place (in the structure).
  • There's a taxonomy needed so the end users can create taxonomies as much as they want. The torganigram taxonomy has a path field where the path for the organigram is saved.
  • Theres a (bad) view plugin for the google organizational chart. Feel free to improve.

As I was short on time, I had to make some compromises here.
I am aware drupal standards and flexibility is poor.
Be my guest to improve/change/upgrade.
Demo? : http://www.infrabel.be/nl/organigram/management_committee

hi drupal_sensei

Great work, there is some dependencies
dependencies[] = "infrabel_general"
dependencies[] = "infrabel_in_the_spotlight"
dependencies[] = "infrabel_video"

where can i find them?

thank you

you may delete those.
there is still some work to do in this module.
I'd rather write a drupal 7 version which is more generic.

Ok thanks

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Closing after lack of activity. Like others said, I don't think org-charts are really the right fit for this module.