How to send a notification email to related users when user creates content?

I tried the core Actions and Trigger modules, but It only let me send and email to a fixed email address when content is created.


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I don't think there is a way to do it right now, unfortunately. Two possibilities for extension would be Notifications module or something with Rules...

thanks for answer,

But what code should I use to call the related users?

Not sure I understand your question, what do you mean by 'call'?

What code will "echo" the userid of related users?

Hi. 2 years down the road, now that we have Rules integration, is there any way to actually implement this? I need to email all related users that new content was created. Has anybody found a way?

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Posting in multiple issues and re-open them will not get you a quicker answer. Quite the opposite.

Actually I was just trying to point out that there are multiple duplicate issues dealing with the same topic and none ever seemed to get a response. So figured that opening them back up was a good way to get the attention back onto this issue. :) So no harm intended.

Well, then do that by marking them as duplicate of each other and reference a single, active issue. Because doing it like you did just costs me time cleaning up behind you instead of being able to productively work on something instead :)

Soweeeeee. :)

And the main thread is? I mean this is duplicated of what? This one: #636458: need email notification to relationee at node create?