I've attached a very small patch to prepare this module for a Drupal 7 release. I use this module myself and would like to see it made available for Drupal 7.



I want to get one more stable release out and then branch for D7, at which point I'll commit this.

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Needs updating.

It would be great to get the D7 version working. I'd like to highlight this module in a book I'm writing (Drupal: A User's Guide). If there's no D7 version I can't promote the module. :(


Any status update on this? I'm waiting on tabs to go D7 so then I can port views_tabs to D7.

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This is just a basic reroll of the opening patch reflecting to latest changes in the 6.x version, plus running it from the module directory.


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Because jquery ui is now in core we can get rid of a few js files, but I can't do the diff for that in CVS. Some more rewrite, coding standard fixes etc, the theme functions now work, the example page renders without a notice, however JS is somewhere broken and hides all tabs by default. I'll try to sort that out tomorrow.

I am also thinking about replacing the radio buttons to checkboxes where there are only two options.

@snufkin, I've assigned you CVS access. Please feel free to commit this update incrementally. Please make all D7 changes to HEAD. Before making any commit, please branch for DRUPAL-6--1.


I'm happy to see this updated. However I'd be happier to see a merge with Quick tabs, see #553070: Merge with tabs module for D7?. Quick tabs is much better maintained--I'm focused on other things. A new maintainer for Tabs in D7 might be a good initial step, but it would be better to refactor tabs and quicktabs so they could work together.

Ideas and volunteers very welcome.

Thanks for trusting me with the co-maintainership.

I read up on the issue. I think it would make a ton of sense, but I would first like to see this module working reliably for D7, mainly for the selfish reason that we need it for a project now, and I think the scale of a) updating to D7 and b) merging with quicktabs is just way too huge for now. I would propose that we make 7.x-1.x a simple update to the 6.x-1.x version, and work on a merge in the 7.x-2.x branch. That way we have a stable, functioning D7 API and we can focus on the merge rewrite.

I branched Drupal-6--1, and updated the rolling 6.x-1.x-dev release to use that that as well. The patch above is now committed to HEAD.

I agree with snufkin that any work of merging should be done in a 2.x branch.

The whole idea of this module is to be a helper module for creating tabs through the FAPI. If this were to merge into the quicktabs module then it might seem kind of odd for views_tabs and others to depend on quicktabs. Quicktabs is nice, but there are times when you just want to make a page view of tabs which quicktabs can't do. I think there is still a place for this helper module to create the tabs FAPI elements.

@jdwfly, @snufkin: agreed. One way forward would be to refactor tabs so it has what quicktabs needs, then refactor quicktabs to require tabs. Any of this should indeed be done in new branches.

jdwfly, I've added you as a Tabs maintainer in case you need to apply fixes to tabs as you update views_tabs.

Thanks both for your contributions. Please keep in mind that I'm looking for a new maintainer for Tabs. Is that you?

A minor detail that needs doing in this D7 upgrade is to copy the contents of tabs_ui.js into tabs.js and then remove tabs_ui.js (and change the file name in the drupal_add_js() call). In D6 we introduced tabs_ui.js for compatibility with later versions of jquery UI; use jquery_ui.js if there is a later version of jquery UI, otherwise use tabs.js. Now having two files is not needed.

Cool, I was just about to ask why the two files. I have been working on tabs_ui.js to make it Drupal 7 compatible, i'll copy the contents then to tabs.js. I don't think I have time to be a responsible maintainer to be honest, but I'm happy to help out as a co-maintainer.

Any news about D7 port?


I'd like to deprecate Tabs for Drupal 7 in favour of Elements. See #1056562: Deprecate Tabs module for D7 in favor of Elements.

I dont have a problem with that, the project I was porting tabs for d7 decided to go with custom implementations. If you want to revoke my commit access i dont mind, I dont think I will be able to complete the port on my own time.




...me too.

...me three.

Thanks so much..



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...note that this "blocks" #977696: Port Views tabs module to D7

Title:Port tabs module to D7Port tabs to Drupal 7



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